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    Jen's Wedding Stuff

    Hey ladies! Here are some pics of my wedding plans.
  2. HI! We got marreid at Hotel Finisterra in Cabo and it was very inexpensive for our guest. I think the all-inclusives are very spendy for guests but cheap for the couple. Ours was cheap for them and not too bad for our own expenses. Our pictures are in the gallery under my screen name. Good luck!
  3. I wanted bougainvillea and my florist said she wouldn't use them, hydrangea or even peonies because they don't hold up in the heat.
  4. Leslie- I think that is so much fun and totally doable! Just contact the resort ASAP to see if they have a coordinator. The first thing you need to do right away is line up the judge. If you do it on a day other than Saturday, you should be able to get one. Here is the info on their website. I am sure it would be less than they quote since you already have your room. Los Cabos Hotel Suites | Marquis Los Cabos
  5. Not dorky at all!! I had my friend make me a hot pink t-shirt with silver writing that said "Aaron's Wife" to wear the day after the wedding. It was so cute and everybody got a huge kick out of it!
  6. Good for you GLenda - it must feel good to get this off your mind
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by EDYTA Glenda, i don't know if you saw the pic that I posted in one of the threads on decor ideas but it had the pretty blue and white...it would be so nice to do the table cloth in the blue and have white chairs...well here is an idea u can dress it up or down as much as you want...I hope the color posted is similar to the tiffany's blue Edyta- I LOVE that picture! IT is so cool. One of you two has to do wsomthing like that - even if you end up using a different color!!!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by SASSYGIRL OH YEAH - puerto veija is another that i need to add to the list - that is the place that Jen used and loved.....Jern can you send me any contact info or menus you have? Hey Sarah- Their full menu is on their website at www.puertavieja.com. The manager's name is Carlos Escobel and you can reach him at info@puertvieja.com He is pretty good about responding and you can tell him Jennifer and Aaron sent you. We reserved the whole second floor and had 60 people that night. It was beautiful - I highly recommend that you schedule it during sunset becau
  9. norman diegos mexican inn is pretty nice and definitely within walking distance, although i wouldn't say it is super close. i got my sis a room there for $80 last minute a few weeks ago.
  10. Mine was a silk chiffon and it was very comfortable. The BM dresses were synthetic chiffon and they were not as breathable but still pretty good. I think in general a natural fabric would be better than somethign synthetic for hot weather.
  11. MMMMMMM - your cake looks so yummy! Congratulations! This place looks so amazing and so do the two of you!!
  12. hi there- we just returned from having a civil ceremony and it really wasn't that difficult. i know your coordinator is slow to respond but just ask her for the application form or else i can give you the form i was asked to fill out. you do not need an apostille or translated birth certificate in cabo, but you should get that in writing from your coordinator before you go. once you get there, you will need the passports of your 4 witnesses for your coordinator to xerox. the rest will be transferred from your app to the certificate. your coordinator should actually fill our your app
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by KARLA Jen, thank you for posting your pics! It all turned out beautifully!! I'm so obsessed with your dress. It is realy stunning on you! Thanks so much Karla and everyone else too! I really miss wearing my dress! it was even pretty comfortable. Thank goodness I get to put it on again in a few weeks. I really wanted soemthing art deco styled because my ring is from the 30's and i am a huge fan of that period. our AHR is in a 1930's ballroom so we are continuing the theme
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by JPMO Jen I read all of you review in one sitting... yeah! Just joking, thanks so much for your review! I really love the indepth reviews, especially when they cover other restaraunts and HM activities. I was wondering who did your flowers since they turned out gorgeous and the quality photographed so well. Your insight and truth in grading was also really beneficial. Question about your OOT bags: Do you think it was the transfer of all of the items or the assembly that you would second guess? Lastly, totally agree with your list of do's;
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