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  1. We are deciding between Dreams Tulum or Moon Palace? Is Moon Palace a lot more expensive? It can be so confusing!!!!
  2. If there were other people eating dinner there, then it's not too private for a wedding reception. We don't want dancing, just a nice dinner after the wedding ceremony.
  3. sbernstein

    Riu Ocho Rios vs Negril

    Thanks so much for the link. It looks very nice - seems to cater a lot to kids which may be a good thing since we'll have a few there. Why did you pick Riu Ochos Rios? It looks beautiful! You must be very excited.
  4. sbernstein

    Riu Ocho Rios vs Negril

    Mostly everyone getting married in Jamaica is getting married at Riu. Anyone know anything about The "Beaches Resorts" in Jamaica. I was told they have great wedding packages. They also allow kids, which we will have coming. We were originally planning on Dreams Cancum or Dreams Tulum, but the travel agents feel that weddings are easier to have in Jamaica. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  5. What was the name of the woman you worked with at DestinationWeddings.com. Also, how much do they charge. Another question I have is would it be really weird to not walk down an aisle at the dreams Tulum. My daughter really doesn't want to walk down an aisle. Thanks.
  6. sbernstein

    Dreams Tulum

    My daughter would like to get married at either Dreams Tulum or Dreams Cancun. She does not want to walk down an aisle and doesn't want dancing. Has anyone been to or had a wedding like this at either of these resorts? She's thinking there will be about 40 people. Thanks so much for your help. She's worried people will be bored....
  7. sbernstein

    Sundial Beach & Golf Resort (Florida Islands)

    How much approximately would this resort cost for a group of about 40 people (would need 20 rooms) and an intimate wedding ceremony on the beach. My daughter doesn't want to walk up an aisle or have dancing, so it would be the ceremony and a dinner. Thanks. Suzanne
  8. sbernstein

    Sundial Beach & Golf Resort (Florida Islands)

    Is Sundial Beach an all inclusive resort? If not, do you know of any all inclusive resorts in Florida?
  9. sbernstein

    best resort in mexico for least money

    Anyone Have Any Ideas?
  10. My daughter would like a destination wedding in Mexico, but doesn't want her guests to have to spend a fortune. What is the prettiest place for a wedding with good food, nice beach place atmosphere for the ceremony, and doesn't cost a fortune? Any ideas? I have looked into a few but am very confused. Suzanne