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PV Restaurants

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    Posted 06 February 2011 - 07:24 AM

    Hello all!


         I got some advice on restaurants in the area. My dad lives in Guadalajara and his wife's family has a vacation home just north of PV so they have spent a little time there. They have a friend that is supposedly a "restaurant guru" in the area. I sent them a list of restaurants that looked interesting for our rehearsal dinner. He then replied with his recommendations from the list, here is the list I sent:


    1. Agave Grill (Contact is Bill Carballo, <info@barcelonatapas.net>)
    2. La Palapa (we ate here together) http://www.lapalapapv.com/site/
    3. Epoca http://www.epoca-pv.com/
    4. Cafe Des Artistes http://www.cafedesartistes.com/
    5. El Arrayan http://www.elarrayan.com.mx/
    6. El Palomar http://restauranteel....com/index.html
    7. Banana Cantina http://bananacantina.com/main/
    8. La Leche http://www.lalecherestaurant.com/#/
    9. Trio http://www.triopv.com/
    10. The River Cafe http://www.rivercafe.com.mx/index.html
    11. Metiza http://www.mestizova...com/index.shtml
    12. Amapa Sunset http://www.amapasunset.com/index.php
    13. Casa Naranjo http://www.casa-naranjo.com/
    14. Blanca Blue http://www.blancablue.com/


    The reply was in Spanish, but my dad provided a rough translation:


     "He thinks the best two restaurants on the list are numbers 2 & 4.  They are also the most expensive.  #2--La Palapa--as you no doubt recall--is practically on the beach.  #4--Cafe des Artistes--is set high above the center of town on a mountain--and has probably the best decoration of any.
    He thinks numbers 8, 9, & 10 are pretty good.  He is a personal friend of the owners of #8--La Leche--and perhaps he could help us approach them.  Their restaurant serves seafood, and is located near the Hotel Zone on the north side of PV..a little south of the Westin.  It's fairly new.
    #9--or Trio--is a French restaurant near the center of town.  Might be a little small.
    #10--River Cafe--it serves "international food" and is actually located on a small island in the Rio Cuale a little closer to town than the beach you swam at--so the setting is nice.  I think we saw this restaurant and liked it's location when the three of us walked along the street fronting the bay and crossed the river.
    Miguel, in discussing the restaurants, often talks about availability of parking, but I don't think this is an issue for your group."


    I have personally eaten at La Palapa and loved it. Like my Dad mentioned, while walking one night on the Malecon, I think we saw the River Cafe and thought it was pretty. Choeft201 is having her rehearsal dinner there and it sounds like a great deal. I have been in contact with Bill from Agave Grill and Barcelona Tapas. Agave Grill was initially our top choice. He is nice but has been flaky, he kept telling us to call him, and when we did he was drunk (granted it was 6 o'clock on a Wed, happy hour time, but he wouldn't let my fiance get any word in edge-wise or get off the phone) and told us to email him our tastes, and we did, and then he just emailed back to call him, like he had forgotten that he had talked to us and specifically said that he wanted us to email him our preferences and then he would email us back in 3 days with a menu. Oh well lol. His ideas and the food sounded amazing I am just wary now. Barcelona Tapas have gotten great reviews on here, I just know with my grandma it would be hard to get her up all of those steps.


    Hope this helps!

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      Posted 06 February 2011 - 07:26 AM

      Oh also, I had a friend get married in PV last year that I was unfortunately was unable to go to :(, but they had their rehearsal dinner at Epoca and said it was great. They also said Cafe Roma was a really fun place to go.

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