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April Fools Pranks

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Soooooo... April Fool's Day...


And here's another one:


A guy I work with just bought a $30,000 truck last month and just put the tags on it....


So we put a "For Sale: $5,000" sign on it with his cell phone number. And then watched the calls start rolling in.


We also blew up balloons and filled (literally) the Program Manager's office, so that he couldn't get into his office this morning...

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smile120.gifsmile120.gifMaria - these are the funniest EVER!!!!!!



Originally Posted by MikkiStreak View Post
1) She came to work one day commenting she had taken the tollway for the first time, but never saw where to put the tickets in and just kept hearing all the bells & whistles going off when she drove thru the tollway lanes. So I faked a letter from the North Texas Trollway Association (yes, deliberate misspelling that was never caught by her) and had the receptionist stamp it and hand it to her. The letter said she was caught violating the toll booths and had to pay $900 in fines within 24 hours or she'd be arrested. BUT- for the month of May, the NTTA was offering a special: if she used a black marker and wrote "tolltag" on a piece of 8x11 paper and affixed this to the upper part of her front passenger window, the NTTA would take a picture of her car when she drove thru the toll booths and would just bill her monthly. But she had to act immediately to avoid arrest. Signed, Shaquita/The Imprisonment Specialist. My field technicians sent me pics of that damn paper taped to her car window. I had to call her at the end of the day and tell her to remove it so she wouldn't get busted.


2) Several months later, I decided to mess around with her again. at the time, Nextel was just starting the 2-way radio/cell phone service, and caller ID wasn't available on the text messages. So I sent her a text message that said, "low battery. remove battery and rub on hand three times." Once she did that and had the battery put back into the 2-way, I texted her again with "mmmm.... that felt good." She never did figure that one out....

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