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Private Bahama Honeymoon location

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For those of you who are looking for a little one-on-one time with your husband after the wedding, I have a great suggestion.


Norman's Cay: Which is a 20 minute, affordable flight, from Nassua. It is a private island (I stayed there in college w/ a friend of a friend who owned a home on the island only 8 houses total).


Check out MacDuff's on Normans Cay, perfect place to stay. Again this is for those looking for downtime and exclusive location.


I have more information if you need it and some pictures I took when there.


The island use to be owned by a Columbian Drug Lord, Carlos Lehder, so there is truly some amazing things to see. Like a plane in the ocean you can actually stand on. It was crashed full of drugs, crazy. A yacht on a hillside, Carlos had a trader amoungst his people so he brought a crane in from Miami and lifted a guys yacht onto a hillside. You can actually go in it. Weird!

Check this out for more info Carlos Lehder - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Truly an experience to remember:)

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I looked too and can't get the link to work for some odd reason.

Last I checked it was approx. $1200 for the week plus airfare. You fly into Nassua then charter a plane which will run about $120pp to the island. It is magical there. I will try to find info and send it out.


If you google Normans Cay Exumas or McDuff's Normans Cay you can start to read all the history about this amazing place. The island was once owned by Carlos Lehder a Columbian Drug Lord and many of his homes are still standing. There is also a plane in the ocean you can snorkel through. This plane had to take a crash landing with drugs in it. Again this is very secluded you will meet some amazing people. But for the most part you will be alone with the beauty of this place all to yourself.

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