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So I run into yet another issue, that I cant seem to figure out on my own, so I thought I would turn to the experts...all of you!


In MS Word, when making a sheet of labels using a template, is there a way to make 1 label in the designated label area then easily copy that label to fill in all the other spaces, without having to copy and paste each word and each clipart picture into EACH individual l blank label?

This is taking me FORVER! There has to be an easier way...no?

Can anyone help me?

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Yes, there is an easier way!! When you are creating the label, you go to Tools/Letters & Mailings/ Envelopes & Labels. The dialog box that comes up allows you to do a Full page of the same label (look toward the bottom of the dialog box).


Enter your label text & graphics in the "address" area, choose full page of same label and then click the New Document button. You will then get a whole page of the same label over & over!

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