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Any other cruise brides out there?

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#21 sm316217

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    Posted 27 March 2008 - 12:51 PM

    When asking about the prices of digital images. I got this response from Images Services:

    Small Resolution
    Description: 72 DPI; about 365 KB, 288x432
    Uses: e-mail, slideshows, web based viewing, printable up to 4x6 size prints
    Price: $24.95 per image

    Med Resolution
    Description: 72 DPI, about 1.19 MB, 576x720,
    Uses: e-mail, slideshows, web based viewing, printable up to 8x10 size prints
    Price: $89.95 per image

    Large Resolution
    Description: 300 DPI, about 12 MB, 1800x2400
    Uses: e-mail, slideshows, web based viewing, printable in larger sizes over 8x10
    Price: $199.95 per image

    We do offer the CD only for $999.95 and that does come with copy right releases.

    Ladies, We need to start saving our money now.

    #22 Betsy


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      Posted 27 March 2008 - 12:53 PM

      I think a cruise wedding would make a great DW! And don't worry about time alone or missing out on the honeymoon because it would be the same at any location! You could arrange to go to the dinner each night with your guests - you will probably be seated at the same table - and then you guys can split up and do your own thing. There is soooo much to do - I don't think we even did 1/2 the things that we were planning on because we just didn't have time! It will be great - I know we had tons of fun at the one we went too. There reception just consisted of a room, appetizers, and some drinks. People just mingled and it lasted about an hour with just the group we went with and then we all went down to the disco for dancing and to finish up the night. It was a blast and I'm sure yours will be too!

      #23 ABeverage

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        Posted 28 March 2008 - 10:21 PM

        sm316217: Thanks so much for the info. I am just really bummed about the cost of just the CD. Part of the reason I chose to go the destination wedding route is because we don't want to spend an arm and a leg for our wedding since we are saving for a down payment on house =/ I really want our pictures though and having the CD would be great because we are going to have some sort of slide show at our local reception when we return...but $1000 for just a cd? that is just a rip. At home you can get 2 photographers, hundreds of pictures plus a photobook and all of your pics on a CD for that price. They really know how to take advantage of the situation. =/

        Rather than save for the outrageous prices I think we all need to let them know that their prices are just outright robbery!

        #24 sm316217

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          Posted 30 March 2008 - 09:44 AM

          Yes, I agree. I'm already booked for our wedding and I'm planning on getting the CD but not without trying to get them down on the price. I already talked to my FH about what we are going to do with the photographers.... 1. Be really nice. 2. Stress that we don't have alot of money. 3. Worse Case: I'll start crying some and hope they do something for us because they feel sorry for us. Not sure if any of it will work. It is terrible to have to think like that but it is worth a shot. Our problem is that both my FH and I have houses and we are both making morgage payments. His house has been on the market for 6 months. I was wanting to wait until it sold to plan the wedding but he didn't want to wait. Now I want this house to sell so bad so that we can have the wedding we want. I'm sure that everything will turn out the way that we want, it is just now the money is tight so it is hard to think $1000 for the CD. We are getting married on the ship so we have to use their photographers. However if you get married in port you can check with the locals and you may be able to find something less expensive.

          #25 ABeverage

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            Posted 01 April 2008 - 09:48 PM

            sm316217: I hear ya. I'm going to try to fight to get the price down too! I will keep you updated on what happens. I just find $1000 to be overly ridiculous and obvious that they are taking advantage of the situation. My friends who got married in Mystic Seaport Connecticut recently got a CD with ALL of their wedding images for only $50 more. It costs them nothing to do that and they trash the images after the cruise anyway. I can see them requiring that you at least buy one of the packages but having to buy the most expensive package is also ridiculous. Who needs 5 wedding albums, 2 or 3 leatherette portfolios and other album like artifacts. I just want to pay for pictures. Ugh!

            Anyway, I will follow up once they actually pick up the phone or email me. Having a really hard time getting an answer from them. =/

            #26 sm316217

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              Posted 02 April 2008 - 05:49 PM

              Aside from the cost of pictures that seems high, here is the other issue I’m having. We have decided that it would be nice to get married on the ship…. Mainly because we want to be in the air conditioning. We also knew that we didn’t want to get married in the lounge area because I really don’t like the idea of getting wed in a bar. So we booked one of RC super ships so that we could use the Twilight Chapel. The chapel on RC’s bigger ships holds 40 guests. We thought this would be perfect; however we underestimated the draw of a cruise. Now we have over 40 guests going and they are for certain to move our wedding to one of the lounges on the ship. So here is my dilemma… I already paid to have the wedding on the ship. I don’t want to get married in the lounge. If I upgrade to the beach I am going to have to pay more AND… pay an extra $25 per guest for transportation to the wedding site. At this point I would like to cancel with the Royal Romance people and go with a Jamaican wedding planner but I will lose $750 dollars and I really don’t want to cancel unless they move me to a lounge area. However I will not know that for certain until a month before the wedding and at that time, if I cancel I will loose 100% of the cost of the wedding which I had to pay up front. If I go with the beach wedding I’m going to have to pay much more than if I would pay using a local Jamaican wedding planner. Now we are to the point where we don’t want anyone else to book….. And guest what?....... people are still booking and telling us they are going to book.

              Any Royal Caribbean Cruise brides out there that was married in the Twilight Chapel? Is the maximum capacity really 40 or could we fit about 50 in there?

              #27 TA Dina

              TA Dina
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                Posted 04 April 2008 - 12:20 AM

                What about one of the theaters onboard? Do they give you that choice?

                I've seen the setups for weddings in several different locations, and really the only ones I thought were kinda weird were in the discos. Mainly because most of them are themed so no matter how much tulle you hang up, there's still a disco ball over your head as you say I Do. All of the others I've seen have been nicely done.

                As far as the lounges or the theatre, they aren't bad. I know it's not a chapel, but I don't think I'd advise anyone to pay a bunch more $$ to avoid using a lounge area. Especially if you're on a newer ship.

                #28 caroline

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                  Posted 15 April 2008 - 07:59 PM

                  Right now, "we" have a Royal Family Suite and an Owners Suite booked on a 5-day RCCL cruise in December. The plan was (is?) to cruise to Grand Caymen and get married there - arrangements to be done with a WC there and NOT the cruise line, b/c I don't think you get as much bang for your buck... but now I find myself here... wondering if a true DW is the way to go.

                  All we know is that we want our guests to have a good time - and an AFFORDABLE time, but that's not really panning out the way I had hoped. A week will be too long for some and they won't be able to attend. But even for those that might go for an extra long weekend, they're looking at circa $700 BEFORE the flight cost. It's really messing with my head!

                  I don't care how much WE shell out (within reason) But am getting really concerned about those that might attend... and which might be the cheaper option for them.

                  I must admit that the prospect of an AI DW seems a lot more appealing to "us" (to mean the 2 of us!) in that there would be a hell of a lot less stress...

                  #29 evtalbot

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                    Posted 24 April 2008 - 10:21 AM

                    Hi Cruise Brides! My FH and I are also considering getting married on a cruise. You can choose a shorter cruise if you do not want to be with your guests for an extended period of time. On the cruises I have been on, there are so many activities that you do not need to entertain your guests very much. Cost is the biggest advantage. Some of the cruises I found were less than $500 per person! Airfare will also be cheaper because you are flying to a U.S. destination.

                    My biggest concern is the cost of the wedding package?

                    Also, I heard that Princess Cruises are the only ships that allow the captain to marry you, otherwise you have to get married in one of the ports. Will the wedding coordinator help you with that? It sounds stressful!

                    #30 sm316217

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                      Posted 24 April 2008 - 04:46 PM

                      Princess is the only ship that will let you get married at sea. The other cruise lines will let you get married on the ship but you have to be docked in port. This is so they can bring onto the ship an officiate on to marry you. Yes the ship provides you with a wedding coordinator, but if you want to have a reception after you may just find it less expensive to coordinate with a local wedding coordinator and have it in port on the beach or hotel. The ships charge more for everything, cake, champagne, food, flowers, than the locals.

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