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Can you help me find this Bridal Comb?

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When I went to my 2nd fitting, I tried on a veil & a bridal comb. I really, really, really fell in love with the comb. I was alllll ready to get it until she told me that it was $100. mad2.gif

I couldn't buy it right then & there cuz I didn't want to spend that much on it. She tempted me by saying that they had it in stock & that I should get it because she didn't know if they would have it when I came back. I still said no. I asked her to write down the style # in the event that they didn't have it when I came in the next time & I needed to order it. So thankfully she wrote it down. However, I have no idea what it means.huh02.gif

She wrote down: A.A. Style A-1807-C


I tried looking it up online but couldn't find it anywhere. The only thing that I think I figured out is that AA means AA Bridal.


I know you ladies are great & can find just about anything & especially at a great price. The only downside is that I can't freaking remember what it looks like. All I know is that it has Swarovski crystals.


It seems like mission impossible, but can anyone help me out with this? I'd greatly appreciate it.


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Originally Posted by melody View Post
I found this link from AA bridal accessories,

AA Bridal

Maybe it is not the the 2008 collection but 2007.
You know, I looked at this site earlier but didn't see that you could look thru the old catalogs! I just went back to 2006 & didn't see it.
But, I am going to send them an email & see if they possibly still have it.

Thanks so much for helping!!
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Originally Posted by naga0066 View Post
Hmm.. can't tell if this is it. But at AA Bridal I found:


It has a headpiece as A1807.

**Sorry not sure if headpiece is same as comb??*
Becky, I THINK THATS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! smile123.gifcheer2.gifsmile159.gif
I think that combs are sometimes under "headpiece". But yup, it sure looks like its the one I saw. But it looks like its only sold as a set!

I did send them an email & hopefully I'll be able to buy it separate. I just pray that its not gonna be $100.
I mean, now that I at least have a picture of it, I can look & see if I find something close to it. I'm just afraid of ordering something else & not liking it. Since I've seen this one I know that I love it.

Thanks again ladies! I knew you could help. I could just about cry now I'm sooo happy.woot2.gifgrouphug.gif
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Originally Posted by naga0066 View Post
Yeah I'm glad thats it! :)

I also came across it on this website... its a bit cheaper, but not sure how reputable:

Bridal Tiaras VA Series Fall 2006 #A1807
Cool. Thanks again.
I guess this site will be my last resort. But I can't wait too long as they say shipping is like 2 weeks.
The comb seems so simple but when I tried it on with the dress & veil, it really stood out. It kinda completed the look. The peak of the comb matches the brooch on my dress.
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