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Originally Posted by nolaroy724 View Post
I just checked the wedding reviews too looking for Brea and Shea's myself! I thought I missed them, but the ladies are obviously enjoying being newlyweds and haven't found the time to sit down and right the reviews!!!!
It's hard to find time to write everythign you want to in a review. Whenever I log in and think fo doing it, I end up just reading posts and trying to help out as many people as I can.

If you have specific questions, feel free to ask!!! Maybe I'll write a review after we go down for our anniversary... plane.gif
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Hi everyone!


I'm REALLY sorry that I haven't written my review yet! I've started it a few times but working full time, being in grad school full time, and trying to find time to be a newly wed is a little bit of a life-work-school balance issue. I actually barely find the time to come onto the forum anymore sad.gif


I'll try to write one soon! I'm on spring break this week so there is hope! But in all- it was absolutely amazing.

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