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Reason for the points?

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Hi, I am very new to this site and I have really enjoyed using the forum as a reference during my early stages of planning. Everyone has been kind and helpful. That being said, I am getting very discouraged by the points. I am trying to look at the pictures and attachments that have been thoughtfully posted by members, and get the same box over and over saying I do not have access.

I find this frustrating to say the least.

I know that I can earn points by looking around and posting, but at this point I do not have much to say, as I am still trying to pick a resort and date. I do not want to post meaningless posts just to get enough points to look at one of the gazebos at EDR in Mexico. It would take me 250 points to look at all the different gazebo pictures posted.

Could someone explain the point of having these points to me? All I want to do is chose a resort with access to the resources that other brides have so thoughtfully provided.

Thank you very much,


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Hello Amanda Gracie-


I understand your frustration and I would havbe gladly provided some points if you needed them but you never responded back to me. You had pm'ed me asking for photo's of Sandals gazebos and I pm'ed back that I would have to email it to you as it's an adobe attachment and too large to place on the website or provide via pm'ing.


I also asked if you needed assistance choosing between resorts and locations.


But I never received a response......

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Hi Amanda Gracie,


As Shelley stated, the best way to earn points is to be active on the forum. make sure to read the links the other girls posted in this thread - you will see that you earn points for viewing threads, playing the lottery, etc, not just for posting.


as for your question, "what is the purpose of the points?"


the purpose is the help manage how people use the forum - every time a member downloads an attachement it clogs the server, if we didn't have the points, we could have new members sign up and just spend all day downloading attachements and never come back, which would pretty much bust the server and make the forum inaccessible for everyone else.


good luck and you will be surprised how fast the points add up!


PS. if you do not have a TA, TA jennifer is a highly recommended and trusted vendor who has worked with many brides on and off of the forum - she is a Sandals specilist and can help you navigate the decision making process. i know for me, picking a place was the most stressful part of wedding planning so far!!!

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