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  1. Hi everyone I was originally using this site to try to plan a big destination wedding in the Mayan Riviera. After some planning and discussion, we have switched gears a bit. Our new wedding plans are for an "elopement" in Maui. We are inviting our closest and dearest friends to join us. My date is May 22nd, 2009. We are using Lori Scott from Tropical Maui Weddings, and so far she has been great. She will be helping me plan my wedding and reception at Seawatch. She has been great, and I look forward to meeting her and her talented musician husband in Maui next May Right now I am planning on using the Lower Knoll for the ceremony and the Upper Pond for the dinner. I think it will be a great day. As far as photography, I am looking into Ka'ua, Dolce, and Shawn Starr. They all have beautiful portfolios. I am still trying to decide on a minister and where to stay. I am also trying to figure out what to do for the honeymoon. We are thinking about island hopping, but we do not know where yet! Glad to have found this place -Amanda
  2. Hi, Does anyone know the current situation with photography at this resort? Is there a fee... or a certain amount of days they must stay? Honesty I fell in love with Matt Adcock's photography and it has basically inspired my whole idea for a destination wedding. I would love more than anything for him, his wife, or his associate to capture my day. I just don't know if it will be possible at the Barcelo?
  3. Your logo looks fantastic on the totes. I love the color.
  4. We call each other Boo and Moo... and I slip and call him Moo in public all the time. I don't know where MOO came from.. or how it stuck.. but it has
  5. I hadn't really thought about the issue on tan lines! For 4 days I will be hanging around in the sun before my wedding... The last thing I want is stripes!
  6. Welcome! When I was trying to decide where in Mexico to focus my search my travel agent helped me out by telling me that PV is more traditionally what you think of when you think of Mexico... jungle.. more rustic... etc. Mayan Riviera is pretty new and it is on the beautiful Caribbean Sea.. Each place would give you a different "feel" Good Luck!
  7. Thanks so much everyone The reason I have chosen larger resorts is because my group is small... but they are not all friends! I have divorced parents, and Mitchell has divorced parents... so we like the idea that everyone will be able to spread out and enjoy their time. That was really part of why we chose to have this type of a wedding in the first place. I just couldn't imagine everyone in one ROOM together
  8. I looked at this website all day, thank you SO MUCH for posting!! The Tides Resort sure does look amazing.... geeze
  9. Hello All! I have spent the past few days waist deep in posts all over this forum. I have "narrowed" things down a bit... but I haven't managed to get it down to one yet. I just sent a letter to my TA and wondered if I could ask this board the same questions and see if anyone has any personal recommendations or advice. I realize that I will have to take the good with the bad wherever I end up, so I am not looking for perfection. My current options are: Grand Palladium Moon Palace Paradisus Riviera Occidental Grand The Barcelo Complex The Iberostar Complex I am looking for: A great suite for Mitchell and I... something unique or special, not a normal room A beautiful beach wedding structure or area on the beach An option for a reception in an open air setting even if it is not private, a beautiful setting that shows off the surroundings Good Food :-) a great pool and a swimable beach Some sort of WOW factor for the guest Also... I expect a small group for the wedding... 20-30 (not sure yet) And I am thinking March 2009 Thanks in Advance -Amanda
  10. Every time I see pictures from Dreams Cancun I fall in love all over again with that gorgeous gazebo on the cliff. Your pictures are beautiful and your dress is perfect for the location.
  11. Hi, I am very new to this site and I have really enjoyed using the forum as a reference during my early stages of planning. Everyone has been kind and helpful. That being said, I am getting very discouraged by the points. I am trying to look at the pictures and attachments that have been thoughtfully posted by members, and get the same box over and over saying I do not have access. I find this frustrating to say the least. I know that I can earn points by looking around and posting, but at this point I do not have much to say, as I am still trying to pick a resort and date. I do not want to post meaningless posts just to get enough points to look at one of the gazebos at EDR in Mexico. It would take me 250 points to look at all the different gazebo pictures posted. Could someone explain the point of having these points to me? All I want to do is chose a resort with access to the resources that other brides have so thoughtfully provided. Thank you very much, Amanda
  12. I have heard of a store in the Atlanta area that specializes in size 16 and up brides. The store is called Silver Lining, and you might get some ideas from their website if you are unable to visit the store. I am also a tall and larger (size 16-1 bride to be, and I have thought about going there just because i wouldn't have to cram into too small samples. Good luck
  13. I have had a lot of luck finding information on this forum, I wish you the best of luck in planning!!
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