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Hi all.


Well, i worked ALL day on this....yes...i am addicted.

I wanted to send out spa menus to the guests before hand, so they could book different spa things at the resort. I am going to add these in with the brochures I am going to mail. (Morgans template.)

So far, the plan is to mail one brochure with general excitement about Cuba sometime in June. This one will include packing lists, luggage allowances, our planned excursion. Things like that.

Then mail a second brochure talking about temp, customs, dress code, restaurants, excursions, etc, probably sometime in Sept. I will mail this spa menu along with that.

Let me know what you think. If you see any spelling mistakes, whatnot. I am folding it in a trifold brochure.




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lisa - that is so cool that you did that but why did you have too? doesn't Sandals already have menus that you could have printed or they would have sent you?

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They do. But a LOT of my guests aren't computer savvy. So, hence, i thought i would make it easier for them.

And Sandals Cuba really seems hard to deal with. Heck...we can't even seem to get a hotel confirmation from them. So, it is easier for me to create this and mail it to them. :)

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