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Paradisus Riviera Brides - POST HERE!

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Did she give you any pricing?


Yes, I just saw that Nathaniel selected Chris and I as "finalists" so exciting!! Crossing my fingers. But someone's getting married in Positano - um, how could you not choose that one??

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Hello PRM brides.

I have not been on this site for a while and am happy to see an active thread for us again. I am getting married April 7, 2008- that's right- less than a month away. After reading through this thread I feel a little panicky because even with my date so close I am having trouble getting responses from Elisa. A couple of months ago I felt resigned to the fact that perhaps many of the details are just simply all worked out once I get there (5 days before wedding). HOWEVER, feel super nervous about one post saying WC said changes and additions to plans can only be made up to 1 week before the wedding. How am I to do this if I can't get any answers to my questions!!!!!!huh.gif??


I payed a deposit of 50% Fantasy Package, did not sign a detailed contract (freaking out at what the actual cost will turn out to really be), reserved a Rodriquez associate photographer, and feel terribly frustrated with music options. My FI and I have made playlists for cocktail hour, dinner, and reception. After emailing DJ swank 2 times and never receiving a response, we decided to just opt for IPOD. After seeing his prices posted here, that was probably a good thing...

But, when I asked Elisa if there was a speaker system available for rent she told me "no". Is the $400-$450 sound system someone mentioned through DJ swank or through the resort?? We have a nice Bose IPOD doc that has decent speakers, but afraid this will not be loud enough outside.


I, unfortunately have little good or helpful information to post that you have not already covered. I am thankful and have enjoyed reading all your posts and know I will have much to share upon return!! Until then, I will keep checking in and share when I can. Thanks girls.



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Do not panic at all - there is tons of great information that I am sure we can all give you if you are having a hard time connecting with Elisa - it's really weird cause I communicate with Perla and she emails me back within 24 hours usually!


In terms of the speaker system, the quote Perla gave me was about $450 and that was for the ceremony only - she quoted me around $1000 if we wanted to use it all night with the IPOD hook up.


I have been harassing Perla on various things asking for prices for pretty much everything - is there any specific information that we can provide so that you at least have a sense of what things are going to cost?


Are you doing the dinner option added on to the Fantasy? How many people are you having!


Let us know what you need!

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Hi Jeanne:


I was told $450 for the entire night for the sound system. Not sure what information is correct.


Really, the best thing to do is to call. My experience has been that if you call, you will get a response right away. It's pricey, but it will put your mind to rest.


Also, to the extent you have the ability to put all your questions in one e-mail (as opposed to several different ones with a few questions in each, she will sit down and respond to all the questions. Also, when I'm in a hurry, I copy Perla too. Seems to get the answers.

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I think you are right Becks! I had her provide me a quote for a custom event not using any of the packages and her price was $1026.30 - when I look back it appears as though all the packages include ceremony music so the $450 on top of the package inclusion seems right.


On another note - I have not dealt with Elisa at all since we did our site visit - that may be b/c our wedding is farther out but Perla is extremely responsive!

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hi, girls!!!

i have been quite busy and did not get a chance to give you any info..besides i am not much of a help since i am having a very small symbolic ceremony there, and only few couples will travel with us (we are also having another small ceremony here in NY:)...we also combine our honeymoon and will stay at PRC for 9 nights!!!


WE are going with the Wish package...and yes it is for 6 guests - chairs, cake and sparkling wine, there is a $2 chair charge, $3-4 per ribbon, etc.


We have not yet picked the coctail menu we want..but will have a coctail hour right after our symbolic ceremony, which starts at 5...If we have less than 15 people, will have a dinner at one of their restaurants at no charge...


Also for the coctail hour, we would like to have some live music...their prices are crazy for trio, saxophonist,etc...Perla is supposed to send me the prices for steel drums..and i am not sure what are those..as i understand, it will be some kinf of island music:) do you have an idea what is sounds likehuh.gif


We are bringing out photog with us, since we want very good pictures and a nice album!!!!!

and we booked this package for video:

WEDDING VIDEO IIncludes: -Bride getting ready -Ceremony -Videostudio by the beach. -Includes digital and special effects, edition, music, titles. -Time aprox of cameraman service 3hours -Your DVD will be aprox 60 min long. -Full Digital edition -Master in DVD with interactive menus.Cost $850 us


I have attached some Gazebos decorations and prices (crazy!) that Perla has sent me...and 2 hairstyles also sent by Perla, that they stylist did....she also told me i can send her photos of the hairstyle i want , so she will show it to him, so he has an idea....


BTW, i could not insert pictures here in text...can someone tell me how to do it please, thanks!



Do any of you plan to go outside of the resort for pictures? like ruins in Tulum or somewhere elsehuh.gif where, when and how are you getting there?

Perla suggested ruins in Tulum for photos, she also gave me this website -http://www.olympus-tours.com/ to find out costs and info from them and they quoted $300 to take 4 people there and back!! i think it's a lot! the ride is about 1,5 hours...



thanks for all your posts, all info you have provided!!!!!!






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Yayyy....Glad the Paradisus brides are coming back.

Michele, I didn't have to pay an add'l charge to change to shrimp, I'm having 1 less appetizer.

Jeanne - For the sound system I was give a quote of just under $800 for the sound system.

But Becks, now that you mention it - I'll ask Elisa about it directly when I call MEXICO tommorrow.

Jeanne did you get the spreadsheet from Elisa or Perla yet with all the details of your wedding on it?

It's a new day, and doing my best to stay in a positive place. THIS WILL BE A GOOD WEDDING PLANNING WEEK LADIES! :)

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Of course it will be a good wedding planning week!!!!


I'm working on photography this week. Good news is that most everyone seems to have some availability. Yay!


How much time are you booking with your photogs?


I'm thinking I need 6 hours (ugh!). I want getting ready photos, a few pictures before the ceremony of FI and I around the resort, the ceremony, the cocktail hour, cake cutting and a little bit of the begining of the reception (after dinner) We have 2 hours for dinner (in L'Hermitage), which I don't really want photos of - who wants photos of people eating - and we aren't doing toasts or anything during that time.


The problem is that I believe all of the time is consecutive - even if we invite them to have dinner with us. So in order to get photos of the reception, I've got to have them there for the whole time. Not pleased with the idea of the extra $700-$1000 it will cost me, but I don't know what else to do! Do you guys have any great ideas? FI thinks maybe we let them go after the cocktail hour and just give everyone disposables for the reception, but the photos might be SO bad, and I want a few good photos of me dancing with my sweetheart!

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i have checked with you photogs in Cancun, and everybody's time is continious...that's why i decided to bring photog from here...since what i want to get there is also pretty expensive, and then you only get DVD with pictures and no album...

Maybe try to negotiate with them, since summer is low season, esp july/aug/sep...when are you planning on cake cutting? at the coctail hour? maybe you should do your first dance also there? and then you will get beautiful pictures under the sky of you with FI dancing?

also you said , you are having 2 hour dinner, and what are you planning to do after that??

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