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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by becks Wow!!! Everything turned out wonderfully!! What vases did you end up using? Elisa said the vase photos that the florist originally sent were all of her odd ones...I ended up using a short tapered square one. It was a nice heavy vase.
  2. Wanted to share a few quick potentially helpful hints. Music: We were on a tight budget but music was really important to us. We were not interested in a DJ and weren't really happy about the $500 plus cost of renting equipment after the ceremony. We bought a LG stereo system at the Cancun Wal-mart for $130. We took 'shopping tour' bus there for free in the morning (just make reservations for your spot the day before you go), and $30 taxi back- only 25 min. from resort. I had emailed all my guests (only 25) and asked each to give me 3 of their favorite songs. Jamey and I made playlists for the cocktail party, dinner, and the reception using songs from guests and many, many more. Jamey had the bell man deliver the stereo to Elisa in the afternoon and hooking up the IPOD took a few seconds. We used our IPOD and had one tech savvy guest start the playlists at the appropriate time. The stereo was set up on a separate table. It was plenty loud and gave us complete control of the music. It worked out great and we saved a ton of money. We were going to just leave it there when we left, but ended up making friends with a bell man at our honeymoon resort and sold it to him for 1/2 price! Since the ceremony includes sound system, we also made a CD of songs we wanted to play for the ceremony while guests were being seated and waiting for ceremony to start to get them in a nice 'love mood'. Elisa asked that I indicate which tracks we wanted for kids to walk down the aisle, myself for the 'wedding march' , and after as a married couple. They did an excellent job playing the right songs at the right time. I am so tired right now I might not make any sense... if you have specific questions about this, just let me know. Flowers: The florist nearly replicated the photos I sent for the bouquet and centerpieces. If you look back the the photos I posted for flowers I liked, you will see that the base of the bouquet was wrapped in special fabric. I indicated that if she could not do the base in similar fabric I was fine with that because it was intricate beaded fabric. The FLOWERs looked better than the photos I sent! The base was even perfect. So, if you do want specific flowers, send photos because they make it as you want and it was worth the extra $$. I was amazed! trying to post photos, not sure if I remember how... more later...
  3. Hi everyone!! I just returned from the wedding and honeymoon!!! I will be working on my review and will post by the end of the week. For anyone having doubts about the Paradisus and/or Perla and Elisa...DO NOT WORRY!!! Everything was beyond what I had hoped for and perfect is an understatement....magical is more appropriate. The resort is gorgeous and the wedding was amazing! Rest easy and know that you will all have a fantastic experience. Need to sleep now...but look forward to sharing ALL the details with you.
  4. Well ladies, I am leaving in the morning and I have a terrible cold...hopefully the warm sunny weather will make me feel better quickly. I do not have the email to the florist. Elisa forwarded me the photos of the vases from the florist. I had not seen a detail sheet as of yesterday so I used Missy's as a guide and inserted all my information and sent it to Elisa to review. She seemed really shocked and asked me where I got this form to use! I will check in when I return.
  5. Sorry, keep thinking of more to say and should have done it all in one post.... Nenamomo- I think your ideas for centerpieces are great. I love the chartreuse roses. I too want the short vase so people can communicate across the table without the flowers interfering. Missy- (cute new name) the spreadsheets you posted have been really helpful. I don't know what I would have done without all that info and a guide to map out my own. Thanks! I leave Wednesday!!!!! Does anyone have any particular questions that I could help with or specifics to check out while I am there? I'll be back with the answers by April 15th.
  6. Those of you who are bringing your own vases and gift bags and other stuff that simply takes up so much packing space, how are you transporting it all? Are family or friends bringing extra suitcases for you? Just curious.
  7. I want to share some info about centerpieces and am trying to figure out how to use photobucket--so this make take me a few posts to figure out... I wanted to have the short square vases with tightly clustered coral roses similar to the photo nenamomo posted. Elisa sent me the vase options from the florist and I don't love any of them. She said it would be $70 per centerpiece. I told her I wanted to keep it around $50 and asked exactly how many roses I would get for $70 compared to $50. Her answer: 16 roses for $70 and 10 for $50. The bouquet I want is a tight cluster of coral and peach roses with jasmine scattered throughout. She said this would be $100. Nenamonon- I really love the damask wine holders that inspired you. Very chic. Will try and post photos of vase options and inspiration for my bouquet. replace the orchids with peach roses peach sample tiny photo of wrapped stems- doubt it will look like this, but I love it. Options sent from Paradisus florist-not a great variety and no super short ones!
  8. Just tried opening the spreadsheets again and it worked this time! Printing out and looking them over now. So, Melissa thank you and no need to send them. I think this will help me understand the breakdown much more clearly. Off I go...
  9. Hi girls. Melissa- I don't have enough points to view your spreadsheets! Would you mind emailing them to me? jeannehofbauer@hotmail.com Also, trying to be sure I understand what you are saying about the packages...so, did you end up doing only the Wish package and just adding on everything else you wanted? I am trying to finalize details with Elisa and am getting nowhere. She promised that this week communication would be better and quicker because my wedding is 13 days away, but I am not hearing from her at all! I called and left her a message this morning. So, I am putting my questions out there for all of you. I have 25 guests reserved at the hotel. We all booked through a TA because the group block prices were outrageously more expensive but of course this means I won't get the dinner discount. I payed a deposit for the Fantasy Package. I want to have a plated dinner with 3 options- steak, fish, and chicken. I would like a cocktail hour, but would like to change some of the app. options. I requested the cake that is part of the Aqua Package- but don't want to pay extra for it if it doesn't really look like the photo. We were planning to just use our IPOD dock for music during cocktail hour, dinner, and dancing. What worried me about this is that our doc is better than your average doc, but I still wonder if anyone will be able to hear the music over the sound of the waves. I want to have chair bows, flowered table arrangements, tiki torches, and candle lit bags and other misc. decorations. Based on this info, do you think I should stick with the Fantasy Package or switch to Wish and just add on? Sorry to throw this out there to all of you, but I just don't know what else to do at this point! You think there would be a sense of urgency with only 13 days left to get back to me. I even emailed her explaining that I learned there is a change fee if I make changes after a week prior to wedding. She responded saying, "yes, let's get this all ironed out", but still has not replied to my huge long email full of questions that I sent her 3 weeds ago! LeShay- Great idea for the bows. I am going to look on ebay now! Do you know if you will be charged a set-up fee for bringing in outside decorations. I remember on the old Paradisus post with Monika, someone mentioned being charged for bringing in extra decor stuff. One last question. Can someone post Perla's email? Maybe I should forward all my questions to her and try and get some answers that way. Thank you, thank you, thank you. ...just trying to keep breathing...
  10. Hello PRM brides. I have not been on this site for a while and am happy to see an active thread for us again. I am getting married April 7, 2008- that's right- less than a month away. After reading through this thread I feel a little panicky because even with my date so close I am having trouble getting responses from Elisa. A couple of months ago I felt resigned to the fact that perhaps many of the details are just simply all worked out once I get there (5 days before wedding). HOWEVER, feel super nervous about one post saying WC said changes and additions to plans can only be made up to 1 week before the wedding. How am I to do this if I can't get any answers to my questions!!!!!!?? I payed a deposit of 50% Fantasy Package, did not sign a detailed contract (freaking out at what the actual cost will turn out to really be), reserved a Rodriquez associate photographer, and feel terribly frustrated with music options. My FI and I have made playlists for cocktail hour, dinner, and reception. After emailing DJ swank 2 times and never receiving a response, we decided to just opt for IPOD. After seeing his prices posted here, that was probably a good thing... But, when I asked Elisa if there was a speaker system available for rent she told me "no". Is the $400-$450 sound system someone mentioned through DJ swank or through the resort?? We have a nice Bose IPOD doc that has decent speakers, but afraid this will not be loud enough outside. I, unfortunately have little good or helpful information to post that you have not already covered. I am thankful and have enjoyed reading all your posts and know I will have much to share upon return!! Until then, I will keep checking in and share when I can. Thanks girls. Jeanne
  11. Hello Brides. Brace yourself for this: I have had my wedding planned for the past 9 months for the date of April 7, 2008 at the Iberostar Tucan and 2 weeks ago for various serious reason chose to cancel at the resort and change everything....PURE PANIC!!! I have been on my computer non-stop for the past week reading and re-reading these forums. THANK GOD I stumbled upon this website. I have been relatively silent and still very much in the dark on how to effectively use this forum. I have seen (or read) weddings planned and brides return from their honeymoons to their new married lives. I feel like I have a secret life and new friends that don't even know I am here And I have certainly learned all sorts of new abbreviations...lol. My FI thinks I am addicted. I have been back and forth between Dreams and the Paradisus RM. It sounds like Dreams is nearly unbeatable for a wedding. My only hesitation is that I was trying to avoid the hustle and Americanized bustle of Cancun. But, you gals have me pretty much talked into Dreams. Lucky for me April 6, 2008 is available and it looks like this will be my new date. Maybe this has all been a blessing in disguise...very disguised. Now I just hope I can do all the planning and details in 2 months. It sounds almost impossible, but please wish me luck. I have learned an enormous amount and so appreciate you all sharing your stories and photos. I hope to return the favor. Sorry for the long post, but I needed to get this introduction out of the way... Shout out to PDXlove. I am a PDX gal too. Not enough points to open much of the recent pricing and flower info that has been posted- Nor can I send PM Would TiffJT mind sending info to jeannehofbauer at hotmail dot com? Just a couple of questions for past brides and site visitors: Is the beach nice at Dreams? It looks nice, but TA said it is rocky. Happy with the rooms? Is the staff friendly- I know Claudia and Daniella are, but what about the rest of the employees? Recent poster who is having fireworks- that is so great. How are you doing this? Thanks agian to all and I sincerely hope that I can finalize my date and you will all be seeing a lot more of me.
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    Welcome to the club. Great to have you here.
  13. Love your STDs. Very creative idea. Hope you got a good response. That would be hard to turn down!
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    Do You Eat Breakfast?

    Hi. How about a rice cake with natural peanut butter on top ( I like the almond butter that you grind in the store-looks gross, but good and less sugar and sodium than jar stuff) and then thinly slice banana or apples on top. It is actually pretty tasty. For a good dose of protein that is low fat and low calorie- Have your tried Morning Star (brand) breakfast patties? They are in the frozen section near healthy aisle. I put 1 or 2 in the toaster oven and let them bake for 10 or so min. while I get ready in the morning and I am no kidding they are really good. Jeanne