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  1. Melissa, which ruins? and what's in Playa del Carmen? are you planning to go there for photos on your wedding day? so you think, that you can just grab the cab from the hotel?
  2. becks, i have checked with you photogs in Cancun, and everybody's time is continious...that's why i decided to bring photog from here...since what i want to get there is also pretty expensive, and then you only get DVD with pictures and no album... Maybe try to negotiate with them, since summer is low season, esp july/aug/sep...when are you planning on cake cutting? at the coctail hour? maybe you should do your first dance also there? and then you will get beautiful pictures under the sky of you with FI dancing? also you said , you are having 2 hour dinner, and what are you planning to do after that??
  3. hi, girls!!! i have been quite busy and did not get a chance to give you any info..besides i am not much of a help since i am having a very small symbolic ceremony there, and only few couples will travel with us (we are also having another small ceremony here in NY:)...we also combine our honeymoon and will stay at PRC for 9 nights!!! WE are going with the Wish package...and yes it is for 6 guests - chairs, cake and sparkling wine, there is a $2 chair charge, $3-4 per ribbon, etc. We have not yet picked the coctail menu we want..but will have a coctail hour right after our symbolic ceremony, which starts at 5...If we have less than 15 people, will have a dinner at one of their restaurants at no charge... Also for the coctail hour, we would like to have some live music...their prices are crazy for trio, saxophonist,etc...Perla is supposed to send me the prices for steel drums..and i am not sure what are those..as i understand, it will be some kinf of island music:) do you have an idea what is sounds like We are bringing out photog with us, since we want very good pictures and a nice album!!!!! and we booked this package for video: WEDDING VIDEO IIncludes: -Bride getting ready -Ceremony -Videostudio by the beach. -Includes digital and special effects, edition, music, titles. -Time aprox of cameraman service 3hours -Your DVD will be aprox 60 min long. -Full Digital edition -Master in DVD with interactive menus.Cost $850 us I have attached some Gazebos decorations and prices (crazy!) that Perla has sent me...and 2 hairstyles also sent by Perla, that they stylist did....she also told me i can send her photos of the hairstyle i want , so she will show it to him, so he has an idea.... BTW, i could not insert pictures here in text...can someone tell me how to do it please, thanks! Do any of you plan to go outside of the resort for pictures? like ruins in Tulum or somewhere else where, when and how are you getting there? Perla suggested ruins in Tulum for photos, she also gave me this website -http://www.olympus-tours.com/ to find out costs and info from them and they quoted $300 to take 4 people there and back!! i think it's a lot! the ride is about 1,5 hours... thanks for all your posts, all info you have provided!!!!!! later, Diana GAZEBOS.doc
  4. Melissa, Perla also has not mentioned anything about contract to me. I also put a deposit and filled out that wedding registration form...but i could guess that she may not offer it to me, since we are having a little ceremony there with about 10-12 guests...i signed up for basic Wish pacakge, and she told me also i can change package at any time,add things and etc...
  5. i asked Perla via email if she can offer me any other photogs, i told her i looked at the Mexican Wedding Photos but was not thrilled with their photos. She did offer me to check out Claudia Rodriguez, yet she indicated that i have to pay $300 for bringing an outside vendor!!! i asked her if i use claudia as photog and miguel Cantarelli as a videogr. whether i still have to pay $300 she still has not reply. What package are you girls taking for photo with claudia and video??
  6. Neen, thanks a lot for the links...very helpful reviews!!!
  7. hi, Neen, thanks so much for the info.. Perla did not offer me the services of Claudia Rodriguez, but only MWP..but i think i can ask her about claudia since it's the same co. pretty much..as i understnd the difference is if claudia shoots herself, it's more expensive and the list u sent is her prices? I did not see your reviews about your trip to paradisus...can u send me a link pls, if there is one? thanks!
  8. thanks for info, i will check out Claudia;s work and will talk to Perla...i took a quick look and liked it better than MWP...
  9. can you please give me links on Claudia Photos? maybe i can ask Perla if i can use her as well?? thanks:)
  10. Hi, Becks!!! great idea, let's meet!!! i live in brooklyn and work in lower manhattan - fulton st..what about you?? it would be great to share ideas and so on...beacuse i have just started planning and going crazy. esp..dont know what to do with photographer.. i also booked Wish package for now...we only anticipate about -3-5 couples to travel with us... well, let's def. meet!! i like the idea!
  11. HI, Becks, what package are you talking about? what;s the name of it? what photographer are you going to be using?
  12. yes he is the manager at mexicanweddingphotos.com..i have not yet seen threads about him..were they good or bad? $3500 is a great deal, but wont you pay for the flight and hotel of your FG? are you having you wedding on the beach or gazebo? a lot of people? we have only few couples-friends travelling with us...more of a small ceremony for us! and i really want some nice photos, i am thinking to take their photographer - to feel safe...but i was not thrilled with his pics on their website..
  13. HI, Melissa...great idea! when is your wedding? Perla gave a price list for photo/video and she said it's mexianweddingphotos.com... i wonder, how much it cost you to fly you FG to canun.. thanks Photo & Video Wedding Packages.xls
  14. HI, i am having my wedding in june 08 in Paradisus riviera cancun. The resort offers only one photographer/videographer - Mexican Wedding Photos - mexicanweddingphotos.com. Does anyone know whether they are good or should i rather hire a photographer from outside? (hotel charges $300 for bringing Photographer from outside) Who is good in the area? please help!!! thanks:) Diana