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so i'm getting ready to get my invites together, but i have a few questions when it comes to printing the images.


what's the best format?


i've heard .tif files are best for printing.


cmyk is better than rgb.


what about resolution? is 200dpi okay?


any help would be great.

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I know that .psd or .pdf are better than .jpgs, but I'm not sure about tiffs. (pdf=adobe reader & psd= photoshop)


CMYK is better. If you don't have a converter, PM me & I'll convert it for you.


300 dpi is ideal. I've printed photobooks with 200dpi & 175dpi & they looked fine. I would think with text it would be OK. If possible though, make them 300dpi.

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My only thought is that if you're having it printed at Kinko's or wherever, and you have any special fonts, definitely put it in a PDF. Otherwise everything gets all ooky when it is loaded on a different computer.

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