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Picking a date - holiday weekend? Help!?!?

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Hi everyone!


So, I've been trying to narrow down a date for quite some time. Since my FI and I have decided on a location and a resort, we only need to pick a day to get the planning going.


We decided on sometime in spring/summer, since we're having a beach ceremony and want it to be nice and warm outside. (Both of us just hate anything under 72 degrees) cheesy.gif


I was originally narrowing down to summer, because by then both the FI and I will be done with school. (Him in his master's, me in undergrad) But everyone keeps telling me that summer is bad timing, complaining about the heat and hurricane season. (Which I am a little worried about...)


So, NOW, I was thinking more about springtime... and I realized that 2-14 falls on a Saturday next year! I've been hearing that now (Febuary) is the perfect time to be in Cancun.


But I'm worried that on a holiday weekend, not as many people will want to go, and/or things at the resort might be priced higher. Do the AI's tend to do that? Has anyone else here had their DW on a holiday weekend? Been to a wedding on a holiday/holiday weekend? Help! sad.gif

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I've heard mixed reviews on having a wedding on a holiday weekend. But the weekends, I've heard about are all long weekends...when people may have other plans for the extended weekend.


My DH and I did attend a wedding on Valentine's day weekend back in 04, I think and it was really lovely. The couple didn't have any problems with guests not coming.


I'm not sure about the prices going up 2/14, that is probably the case in the US (I would imagine). maybe you could give the resort a couple of days you would like and ask them for pricing for each...that way you'd know for sure if you would pay more to get married on V-day. Also, you might want to see if the date is avaiable, before you get too excited. V-day is a big day for weddings. wink.gif Good luck to you!!

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