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I just got this idea yesterday & I'm really excited about it.


I bought a cheap green screen on ebay ($27 for a 9 foot by 12 foot green muslin curtain). We will hang it up at the after wedding fiesta. People can take their pictures in front of it & I'll photoshop them into a Mexico scene. There might even be one where they can have a picture with us like they were at the wedding.


Here is a link if you don't know what I'm describing

Pulp: Juicy bits from OP Crew: Green Screen Photography for Holiday Parties


We will also use this at my bachelorette party to make pictures of us in NYC like we are the Sex & the city girls.


Every year we have a prom party with a backdrop for pictures. This might also work nicely for that next year. The next theme is a jungle theme. Here is a picture from our "dancing under the stars" prom.


Click the image to open in full size.

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Originally Posted by Alipires1 View Post
I LOVE THIS!!!!! Is photoshop an apple thing?
or can I get it with Microsoft?
It's by adobe. It comes for both macs & PCs. I'd suggest elements if you are just starting out. You can probably get a copy on ebay for $20-$30. I have elements v4.0 & I really like it. The red eye reduce is really good on this version.

You can do so much with elements. I just upgraded to the full version recently because I've been spending a lot of time photoshopping & feel limited with my options. But, really elements is a great program.

I'll post the steps for how to remove the background later. It's VERY simple & quick so it shouldn't be a problem to do it for a lot of pictures from the AHR.

I'll also find the ebay seller where I got the cheap green screen. Mine hasn't come in yet, but I'll post some examples once it does.
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Originally Posted by JamaicaBride062108 View Post
Really cute idea! A prom party sounds like so much fun! We love theme parties and we haven't done prom before!
The prom party was a blast. It's a great opportunity to reuse a BM dress too. We had a cheesy theme, cheesy music, and coursages for all the ladies. They were a chainlinked garland of flowers from AC moore. It was easy to hook them on a piece of elastic & make enough for all the girls. I'm wearing it in this picture.

We posed on the staircase for a bunch of pictures, too just like highschool.

We plan on doing something similar for the AHR, but it will be a red carnation for the hair.

I bought a $10 column from ac moore for the next prom for people to pose with. The next theme will be "it's a jungle out there."

Here are some other theme parties that were fun
The 90s party (my favorite)
dress like a disney charecter
finer things party (still being planned)- top hats, monacles, classical music, canes, mustaches, boas, gloves, etc.

It seems like every party requires a costume lately.
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I love the prom party idea, esp since I didn't know Doug in HS and don't have many opportunities to dress up with him, that would be so fun.

PS can't wait to see how your green screen idea works out after your AHR. Sounds so cool!

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