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Decorations ROR

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I asked Chandlyn if they have any candles/holders to decorate with and she said no and that I might be able to arrange something with the florist - which is probably a lot of $$$. So I'm bringing turquoise tea light candles, tall candles, and shells to decorate the tables at the reception. I'll also have the flowers from the ceremony brought over too.

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I'm going to be bringing my centre pieces, shells, tealights, flower pedals and I'm sure there's more but can't remember right now.


I had the same thought as you, that I didn't want to have an idea of what I want the ceremony/reception to look like and not be able to produce it.


Thankfully, I have a number of family members who are willing to carry some of the stuff down.

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I'm flying Sky Service too and I think it's pretty expensive for extra weight.

I'll just going on a prayer that they'll understand that it's for my wedding and hopefully charge me less or nothing at all.


I think you'll be going before me, so you can let me know how it goes. lol

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