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I'm sorry......but I'm DISGUSTED....

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It really pisses me off because I need a headcount for the OOT bags, programs, favors, number of reception tables, headcount for dinner and countless other things. People are so inconsiderate.


Of course, I got another call last night and I did what you guys suggested by directing her to our wedding website. I told her that I wasn't feeling well and that I had to go. So then, she asks, "The one thing that i need from you is the date"......WTF!!!!! Then she says, "what's the website again" Keep in mind that the website is our first name: JohnandJaneswedding.com


and OF COURSE this was sent in their invites and in countless emails. I'm just ready to turn my phone off and retreat somewhere, because i'm 2 seconds away from going nuts!!!

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You know this rant almost reminded me of work. People don't read anything. I don't know if it's becoming part of our culture that everyone gets their information at such a fast pace that the art of reading has been lost. Because WOW I can't tell you how many times I send out emails explaining things in detail, with meeting invitations included, and they still call to ask when and where the meeting is. Its just pure laziness. They would rather bother my a$$ for an answer that would take 15 secs for me to explain than to read an email that would take 1 min to read.


Maybe for those that call, direct their lazy butts to your website for the information. Don't spoon feed them and let them stress you out because they can't get stuff together. I'd only stress out for the ones that really matter! Like grandma- she might have issues going to the website. :)


Luckily I didn't have this problem for my wedding! I feel for you because I deal with this same crap at work ALL THE TIME!!

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So sorry to hear ... I totally feel your pain ... I have a lot of morons like that too on my guest list. I am just lucky to have my mom and my future mother in law taking a lot of the heat and the stress since I use the "I am super busy with work and planning the wedding" ... and I filter my calls -- If I don't answer the phone, they have to try someone else in the family. I am only available by text messages and by email ... I am always "busy in meetings" and "can't talk", all day, all nigh (lol) ... seemed to work for me ... now I get less calls ... but my mom's phone is ringing more ... she is happy to help anyway ..

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