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Isla Mujeres - night life??

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Hey there - hoping for some assistance. We are planning a vacation in May. Last year we went to Cancun and LOVED it.

We found a good deal for Isla Mujeres, but not sure about it.

We love the night life! We like to go out and dance and have a few drinks (or maybe more like 6 or 8 or so... LOL)

Is there a nightlife on Isla Mujeres? We loved Cancun, but don't want the same vacation 2 in a row....


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I went to Isla Mujeres and there is NOTHING there. We went on a day trip there and had been staying at the Moon Palace. Isla Mujeres is a very poor and not Americanized at all. We got dropped off at Isla Mujeres Palace (sister hotel to the Moonpalace). We were stuck there for a few hours with nowhere to go. Then the boat took us to a vendor area. It was a huge culture shock. So, you will not seen any nightlife there. It is a good place to go if you just want to relax. It is very very isolated.

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