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wedding band = pain in my a$$

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i've been wearing my engagement ring for about a year now. during this time, i have looked for wedding bands every few months. I'd go to a few stores, look around, try some things on, get discouraged and vow to leave it alone for a while.


Well last weekend I was due for a wedding band shopping trip. I don't think my e ring is meant to go with a flippin band! Plus could all of the stores have all of the same stuff? Would it kill someone to carry something that is less "normal" IE all i really want to try on is a small band of micro pave set blue sapphires. Think I could find this? Yes, I would. Can I find this? No way Jose!


So, it's pretty much decided that i'm going to have to custom order my wedding band. But how the H E double hockey sticks to you custom order soemthing when you don't know if you like how it will turn out!


UGH. Sorry just had to get if off my chest.

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Jenn (Hopels) was telling us at the BDW Philly get-together that when she went to the jewelers, she found the ring she wanted and then the jeweler used a blue marker to color the ring to show her how it would look with the sapphires. It sounds weird, but that may be an option just so you could get an idea of how it will turn out.

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have you tried a ring in the style you want, but with diamonds? Just to get an idea if that is the setting you want? I originally wanted a band similiar to what you want, but with blue diamonds, ahh, they're so pretty, but ended up going with regular diamonds.


I think your band sounds very similar to mine, but I only got diamonds halfway around, not eternity. I got it from bluenile, if that helps, I think they may have one with sapphires.

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When I was looking for yellow diamond bands, the jewelers used a yellow highlighter and colored in th stones so I could see the color. It gave a semi-real impression of what it woud look like.


But I thought I remembered you posting before that you had found ittoo? Am I completely mistaken, or did you change your mind?


I have to agree though that all the rings are the same everywhere....

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