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EdenH Real Arena Brides Post Here!

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Originally Posted by jessyg20 View Post
hi and congrats on making a decision for your location. I havent spoken to Elizabeth, I guess I'll meet her on the 22nd. Do you have her email address?
I want to make sure I don't miss her on my visit.

Hey there, her e-mail is mtngs.edenhrealarena@nh-hotels.com

I think it's just the standard e-mail for anyone in guest services...maybe? Anyways she's been informative. I just notice the package price has an asterisk and indicates that it's subject to change. I just want to make sure it doesn't change for me from the day I book until my wedding. I'm booking my travel today and hopefully the wedding too!!

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Hi all,


I have just discovered something yesterday and I am furious!!! If you didn't know when you and your guest get to the airport you must pay for a tourist card that cost $10 and to leave use must pay a tax of $20!! Also, it must be in cash.


Also, I emailed Mike who works at the resort and frequently responds to post on tripadvisor forwarded my email to Elizabeth Rojas who is the coordinator. It appears as if she is using Lilian's old email address because this is the email she used l.delacruz@nh-hotels.com. Also, I requested some pictures. I tried to attach them, but it wouldn't allow me to due to the pictures dimensions.

If you would like to see them please give me your email address.

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Congrats to Twinkle Toes!


Many blessings to those of you that are in your planning stages.


By the way ladies...can someone please send me the pictures of the wedding site on the resort..I saw tons of pictures of the resort but nothing related to a wedding. Edenh is on the top of my list...


Please help and send pictures to



I truly appreciate it!

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