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EdenH Real Arena Brides Post Here!

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I've seen a couple of EdeNH brides-to-be come along lately, and a few have PM'd me about info, so I decided to start this post so it would be in one general place.


Website: Edenh Real Arena


Please let me know if I'm missing anyone (PM me)!


EdenH Brides-to-be:

kimrobidoux (her sister is getting married) 05.13.08 - Happily Married! pinkie.gif

soon2be (Debbie) - 06.xx.08 - Happily Married! pinkie.gif

sanders0621 - 06.21.08 - Happily Married! pinkie.gif

Joansie - 08.08.08 - Happily Married! pinkie.gif

twinkletoes (Christina) - 08.08.08 - Happily Married! pinkie.gif

jesse8480 - 08.22.08 - Happily Married! pinkie.gif

jessyg20 - 10.25.08 - Up next! bunny_4.gif

rubyringo - 11.24.08

metravel - 12.22.08

nicoled - 01.xx.09

gofeden (Jelena) - 01.03.09

townie princess - 01.20.09

becksy (Erin) - 01.13.09

kychick - 01.xx.09

mnmrocket (Michele) - 02.18.08

JenntheBride (Jenn) - 02.24.09

VanVickery - 03.06.09

edenhbride09 - (Heather) - 04.22.09

townie princess (Sorcha) - 06.12.09


***UPDATE #1: Ruth is no longer the coordinator for EdenH.

The new coordinator's name is Grisele (she is from Dreams PC) ***

UPDATE #2: As of June 2008 - Grisele is no longer the coordinator. The new coordinators name is Lillian.


UPDATE #3: As of August 2008 - The new wedding coordinator is Elizabeth Rojas


*NOTE: Please contact the wedding coordinator for up-to-date wedding package information b/c since the original post, prices and packages have been modified. Thanks!

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!I wasn't sure what would be easier to view (attachements or pasting the info) So I just attached them. Let me know if I you prefer I paste the info.


Here's the wedding package attachements. I just emailed them to you as well!













Edenh Catholic Wedding Package.doc

Edenh Deluxe Wedding Package.doc

Edenh Elite Wedding Package.doc

Edenh Romantic Wedding Package.doc

Edenh Traditional Wedding Package.doc

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Originally Posted by rubyringo View Post
thanks for the info Christina
Are you going to have to change the ceremony date now that she's said you must be there 3 days before?
I'm going to have to know, that sucks because i'm sure she said in the email she sent me that you don't have to.
I am not planning on changing my date. That is one of the 1 things I am not willing to compromise on. (that's why I changed resorts to begin with, lol). But she originally told me in email as well that 3 days wasn't required either. So I am going to try and see what I can do about that. I may just have to opt for a symbolic ceremony.
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