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  1. Hi Girls! Any idea what kind of music will be playing during your wedding ceremony or walk down the aisle? I really didn't want to have a stereo playing a CD. Anyone hiring a steel drum band? If you're playing a CD, what are you playing? Just trying to get ideas from what everyone else had planned. My wedding is on December 1, 2008 so I have some final details to work out.
  2. Hey all you beach brides. What kind of shoes are you planning to wear or have worn for your wedding? I want to be barefoot on the beach for my wedding, but wear shoes around the resort and during reception. Don't want to wear just a basic flip flop...but definitely a flat sandal. Any ideas or websites to try? I've been looking but haven't come across much.
  3. Hey Kychick, I would love to see those pictures. I too requested those but haven't seen them yet. kneudorff@hotmail.com THANKS!!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by jessyg20 hi and congrats on making a decision for your location. I havent spoken to Elizabeth, I guess I'll meet her on the 22nd. Do you have her email address? I want to make sure I don't miss her on my visit. Thanks. Hey there, her e-mail is mtngs.edenhrealarena@nh-hotels.com I think it's just the standard e-mail for anyone in guest services...maybe? Anyways she's been informative. I just notice the package price has an asterisk and indicates that it's subject to change. I just want to make sure it doesn't change for me from the day I book until my wedding. I'm booking my travel today and hopefully the wedding too!!
  5. Hi There! I think I've made the decision on the EdenH for my December 08 wedding. It was between that and the Majestic (and a few others). I got an e-mail from Elizabeth Rojas who said she was the new wedding coordinator. Has anyone been dealing with her? From talking with people of Trip Advisor they dealt with Nora Martinez who works from the US as a WC for nH hotels. Anyways, just curious if that's who you all have been working with since they seem to change quite often. Thanks!
  6. Hey everyone! I'm trying to plan my small destination wedding to Punta Cana for December 2008. I'll be traveling there 11/29 - 12/6 and need a resort and a photographer. I'm stuck between the Paradisus Punta Cana, Melia Caribe, Bahia Ambar and the Majestic Colonial. All seem to have pros and cons and I just need a little assistance from you other picky brides! Have to be married on the beach (i mean isn't that the dream?) and we'll just be doing a symbolic ceremony. Looking for a photographer that might down there that week or might come down there that week for the wedding day and a trash the dress session. Any interest? Any thoughts or opinions?? Look forward to your help...as I obviously need to book a resort within the next 2 weeks. Thanks ya'll!!
  7. Hey all...I'm new to the forum. Planning on getting married between 11/29-12-6 of 2008. Can't decide between the Paradisus Punta Cana, Gran Bahia Principe Ambar, Majestic Colonial or the Melia Caribe. I'm looking for a photographer that might be down there during that week to shoot my wedding day and a "trash the dress" session. Any thoughts or opinions on a resort or photographer?? Glad to be here!! Thanks- Kelly
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