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Southern California Wedding Location - Hotel del Coronado

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Just thought I'd add here that if you are considering getting married on the beach in front of the Hotel Del Coronado, you do have to book it with them (you can't just march a small group of people out on the beach and have a wedding service). From what I've been told by brides and grooms, they also require that you have your reception at the hotel. NOT cheap. So before you get too excited, do contact the hotel and inquire about pricing.


On the cheap end, I just photographed a wedding at the Wedding Bowl in La Jolla yesterday. Beautiful location on the cliffs right above the ocean. The Bride told me that it cost them $250 to reserve the location for the entire day. You have to contact the city of La Jolla.


You can see photos from that wedding here:


Caught on Film Photography San Diego Photographer: San Diego Wedding Photography - Wedding Bowl in La Jolla

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Good point about the price at the Del. I have done weddings at the Coronado Community Center basically across the street, then photos were done on the

beach in front of the Del for free.


The wedding bowl in La Jolla is gorgeous. We were going to get married there but they have a low limit to the number of guests you can have. We were also concerned about older folks having a bathroom.


Good searching!


Cabo Wedding Video

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Ah yes, thank you for reminding me. They told me the limit on the wedding bowl is 50 guests - although the wedding that I just shot there had 60 full chairs and at least another 15 people standing around the outside. IMO there was room for plenty more, but the B&G did say that they were supposed to stay below 50.


Back to the Hotel Del Coronado - you can get married on the beach NEAR the hotel, just to the south and you only have to pay a small fee to the city of Coronado. But to get married directly behind the hotel.....$$$$


Of course you can have a small ceremony on the beach just to the south, and then shoot your photos directly behind the hotel.


They also do wedding ceremonies right up at the hotel in the grass (in the winter they put up an ice skating rink in that area), and there is another smaller area on the hotel grounds around to the South that can accomodate smaller ceremonies. I've seen 3-4 weddings going on at the same time between the hotel grounds and the beach. At least in the Summer, before the economy tanked. wink.gif

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