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  1. congrats on having your stuff finished! Wish I were at the point.
  2. I think using the gift bags may be too much. Rather, what about attaching the place card to the gift itself?
  3. lizzyl875

    Bridesmaids were a nightmare!!!

    Sorry to hear! They sound horrible. If your friends don't know you well enough to not believe the rumors, then maybe they're not worth having in the first place. Why did they go nuts?
  4. This is a nice hotel but I heard it's haunted. There was a suicide there years ago. Not sure about the specifics though.
  5. I've also been to Catalina Island many times. Just make sure you take the big boat over there because there's less of a tendency for sea sickness. Also, there are 2 sides to Catalina: Avalon (main part) and the back side (Two Harbors). Very quaint and laid back. Lots of people go camping there too.
  6. The Ritz Carlton at Dana Point is really nice. Probably really $$$ too.
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    Jewish interfaith destination bride

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    Hi :-)

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    Hello:) New & overwhelmed!!

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    June 2010 Mexico Wedding

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    Newbie - Isla Mujeres 2010

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    Getting married in San Juan

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    Dreams La Romana Wedding and Reception

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    Another newbie!

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