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Guest Room Contact Sheets

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I just want to post a suggestion.... that I haven't really seen yet...


When you arrive at the resort, ask the reception desk to print a group list that has all the guests room numbers on it- enough for you to hand out to everyone or put it in their oot bags. It was really nice because they already had all of our guest names under the Selly Wedding. We did this AFTER all of our guests arrived, and it came in really handy! I just wish we would have done this right away and stuck them in their oot bags. I noticed people using their "maraca pens" and "sandal notepads" (both from Oriental Trading) to write down room numbers- but I think that it would have been nice for them to have right away. I of course told everyone as they scattered to go get one from the desk, but they all were pretty much doing their own thing, so not everyone got one.


Anyways, I hope this helps!

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That is a great idea! Just today, I developed an excel spreadsheet for our WC that listed our and all of our guests' names, each guest's relationship to us (groom's father, our friend, etc.), dates of stay, and a place for the room numbers. I didn't even think about having it available to all of our guests, but I think that would be very handy! Were you happy with the way that EDR assigned rooms to your guests? Were they located relatively close to each other? Did they give any room upgrades to your close family?

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