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Minnesota Ladies get together?


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Anyone interested in meeting up? I have already met the lovely Ann but I know there are more of us out there. WE all must see Lizzy's photos in personpopcorn.gif


Let me know what you think. I will be pretty busy come April so it is going to have to be with in the next 2 months.

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And I know Lizzy is interested, or at least has been in the past. We're also not that far from WI if there are any cheesehead ladies that want to meet up as well - we could aim for St. Paul - closer to WI. I am pretty open - so once we get a better idea of how many, my dates are pretty open!



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I am free most weekends ... at least right now. I will have a weekend that I will be in FL visitng my dad, and Chicago visiting family - but right now we haven't booked anything. I THINK I will be gone the weekend of Feb. 29, and March 29, but that could change. Does anyone have a tighter schedule (I'm sure most of you do!) that wants to suggest an open date?

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