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  1. I will be using the hPage Website Builder to create a free website for our wedding. I am planning to post wedding updates, wedding photos, wedding reminders, and wedding articles regarding our upcoming marriage there. For RSVP, I am using Facebook events since almost all we invited have facebook and it would be easier to get their "yes" or "no" confirmation there. In case anyone is interested as well here's their site: hPage Website Builder - https://www.hpage.com
  2. merry2marry

    Wedding Bands

    Minimalist wedding bands look so classy and timeless regardless of the venue.
  3. merry2marry

    Cost Of Decorations

    It's hard to estimate. Some receptions don't need much decorating because it's already beautiful. Some receptions need lots of decorating. Some receptions also come with extra decorating equipment already.
  4. The first one for sure!
  5. merry2marry

    PreWedding Video

    Your wedding was magical!
  6. merry2marry

    wedding ideas

    For me, not really. Guests can interact even without it.
  7. merry2marry

    Church Wedding Before Destination Wedding

    My sister has done it but with the destination wedding, only super close family members and friends came since it was expensive and farther. It was great though.
  8. Peach looks better on tan skin. Red is a nice contrast against fair skin.
  9. merry2marry

    Going away for brother's wedding :)

    How about installing a home web cam? And hire a house sitter to check up every week?