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  1. You'll love your photos When you think of taking snapshots in the rain, put aside your visions of frizzing hair and stepping your peep-toes into puddles, and instead focus on the photo-op at hand. "Photos with umbrellas can be so cute that you might even wish for rain," says Samuels. "Multi-colored or completely clear, there's an artistic opportunity to take advantage of with rain." In fact, if you fear rain is in your forecast, "consider silk-screening the bridal party's names on the umbrellas so that the photo is even more cute," Samuels suggests. It'l
  2. The getting ready shot The getting ready shot. This one’s a classic! Get photos of the groom and groomsmen tying their bow ties, buttoning their vests, and donning their suit jackets. Make sure to capture the groom helping the ring bearer with his attire. So precious! The Chair Pose The chair pose. Guys and recliners have a history, right? You can mimic that connection by having the groom sit in a stuffed chair with his guys posed around him. The Superhero shot We love it when the guys in the wedding part
  3. 1) Why are you worth the amount you charge? There are many reasons we charge the rates we do, some of which are quite obvious: all of our photographers have many years of experience and many, many weddings under their belts, we offer full resolution images with full reproduction rights, we use very expensive equipment, we edit the photos ourselves – each of the photographers edit the photos from the wedding, their own and the second-shooter’s; then there are the “hidden” costs, like having a beautiful lounge in most hotels we work with, having to pay all the additional people involved i
  4. Where the Mexican Flair meet the modern surfaces, as wood, concrete, graves and the mixture of bold color flowers. The Mexican Mangrove expire and inspire to explore the several ambiances offered by this destination, presenting the diversity of the themes we can reach for a real Mexican Traditional decor. Skulls of Day of Deads, Mexican textured fabric pillows contrasting with the neutral color cozy cushioned furniture of this beautiful collection. Text by Gabi Lavor Setup by Canteiro Weddings Photo by DreamArt Photography
  5. Liebe! When the green matches with the entire enviroment and your wedding become part of the Nature. LIEBE is the love collection, more traditional but the same time, innovated using pieces of European style decor and the rustic theme to integrate these memorable elements. Text by Gabi Lavor By: Canteiro Weddings Collection: Liebe Photography: DreamArt Photography Location: Belmond, Riviera Maya Mexico ©DreamArt Photography 2010 - 2016. All Rights Reserved
  6. A Riviera Maya wedding, blowing chilling collection where everything is tropical and relax. To comply our casual couples searching for beach, sand and some cushions, there is no better choice. Rustic benches, rattan stools and big pufs are being used on this collection with the closest meaning of the Beach life. Tropical flowers and leaves as proteas, birds of paradise, maracas work perfectly for this fresh ambiance of peace and love. Text by Gabi Lavor By: Canteiro Weddings Collection: Breeze Photography: Dream
  7. A Riviera Maya Wedding with Passionate collection playing with the drama and the romanticism the same time. The Ring Altar décor show the symbolic cycle of the love and constancy. Long family style table is a characteristic that also represent very well the Collection Fervently with dark colors contrasting with soft pallet of flowers. Detailed and elaborated items as charger plates and other table tops make this collection special to celebrate this special day. Text: Gabi Lavor By: Canteiro Weddings Collection: Fe
  8. DreamArt Photography & Canteiro Weddings Invites you to the Live Streaming. We've got the most exciting new ideas for table setting, décor, flowers and more. Save the Date August 24th 2016 and click http://bit.ly/2bw9Ftn 8:30 PM EST Cancun Time 9:30 PM EDT NYC Time 6:30 PM PDT California Time
  9. Hello SR2017, Congrats for your upcoming wedding, As Dream Art photography we have done Indian Weddings in Moon Palace Resort in Cancun, Beach Palace and Banyan Tree in Riviera Maya. Usually are 2 wedding planners one in the city close to the bride and other one in the destination. About photography service it is up to you, sometimes photographers have problems on airport customs cause they should have a special vissum to work in mexico " is a flip coin random". Feel free to check our profile we did Princy & Justin wedding and just a few days ago Hema & Samir wedding
  10. Let's face it, after an exhausting wedding and two weeks on honeymoon, reality hits you back when you realize you have fifty or more thank you notes to handwrite! Pre-printed thank you notes? Tacky right? So you turn around asking for help with this unmanageable task. Well, I just came up with this really cool idea with my colleague at Dream Art Photography. It's called "Guest Book." The Guest Book it's a tiny little version of your custom Made in Italy Wedding Book (like a Hallmark card but so much better). I can't imagine a better way to say "Thank you for celebrat
  11. @christy531Congratulations! OMG a wedding in Cabo, for sure it will be amazing, take a look to Le Blanc and Grand Velas, those are brand new and of course Vidanta.
  12. @@MichelleFawn Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! First of all, the Hard Rock Hotel is a great resort. Regarding your search for photographers, we understand your concern about hiring a company abroad. DreamArt Photography unites a team of dedicated professionals and passionate artists from all over the world in Mexico and Jamaica who are experts in wedding photography, with approximately a 900 weddings a year. Feel free to contact us directly for more information on contract and payments. You can also check our online reviews, website, and profile on here. We wish you a very
  13. After being part of the production of movies and reality shows, I found myself with the opportunity to participate in what would later become my Opera Prima, not only in production but also in the creation of the original score and, although a lot of International film festivals are coming up, I still felt like something needed some polishing, that was photography. After evaluating several options, I decided to apply for a job at DreamArt Photography. From the moment I started, I haven't stopped learning from the best, from great talents that DreamArt photography is made of. D
  14. @@AliciaW Congrats! At 5: 00 pm is a golden hour At 6:00 pm are more pink colors in the sky. At 7:00 pm it will be dark Fell free to check our photos
  15. @@bellabride2018 Congrats!!! Feel free to check our pics
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