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The Film Of Your Life, Chapter Wedding




After being part of the production of movies and reality shows, I found myself with the opportunity to participate in what would later become my Opera Prima, not only in production but also in the creation of the original score and, although a lot of International film festivals are coming up, I still felt like something needed some polishing, that was photography. After evaluating several options, I decided to apply for a job at DreamArt Photography.




From the moment I started, I haven't stopped learning from the best, from great talents that DreamArt photography is made of.

Does it get boring? Never!


I have fun even in the hardest moments, I've seen it all. For example, there was this time when the bride didn't like the cake, and from that moment, everything changed, guests started to get tense and nobody was comfortable. Meanwhile, the groom was trying to distract her from that issue by telling her to look around and realize how magical is the place they are at, Playa del Carmen.


The wedding meets several requirements, one of them is to keep record of every aspect that happens there.




A magical affair that happens every single time. It all begins when knocking on the door, without having the slightest idea of who is at the other side, that is a breaking point, and that is the moment when everything starts to happen.


Both the photographer and the filmmaker must be aware of everything that is going on around them.

Every wedding is unique.


There are times when I wonder, why don't I have a third camera with me? There are some unexpected situations that just happen, for example, there was this time when I got to be in a Gospel wedding, everybody was singing with such an impressive passion, there was choreographed dancing, all with an atmosphere of solemnity.


That enthusiasm can't be found at all the weddings.


The challenge the photographer has is to capture the moment, even the hard ones and the difficult ones, every unique moment must be captured, because those are the memories that will prevail. The point is to keep record, even if the bride remembers that on that day she got mad because the cake wasn't right, that photo must exist. Having the moment captured is the photographer and the filmmaker's task.



By Sergio S

Photos: DreamArt Photography


©DreamArt Photography 2010 - 2016. All Rights Reserved


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