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Photos All Grooms Will Want To Take With Their Groomsmen



The getting ready shot


The getting ready shot. This one’s a classic! Get photos of the groom and groomsmen tying their bow ties, buttoning their vests, and donning their suit jackets. Make sure to capture the groom helping the ring bearer with his attire. So precious!






The Chair Pose


The chair pose. Guys and recliners have a history, right? You can mimic that connection by having the groom sit in a stuffed chair with his guys posed around him.






The Superhero shot


We love it when the guys in the wedding party wear superhero secrets under their wedding dress code, then pose with a few buttons undone to reveal the superhero symbols underneath. If they’re wearing superhero cufflinks, too…even better!






The Groomsmen Pose


Have the guys throw some sunglasses on and strike their coolest pose while the groom does the shoulder-brush attitude.






The Cowboys


The cowboys. Have the wedding party bring a hat. Dress down to the vests and put on your cowboy gear. If there’s a horse available, have the groom saddle up and pose with the groomsmen nearby. You can bring in other props like hay bales and rope, too






The Stunt Doubles


The stunt doubles. If you have a group of athletic guys in the wedding party, have the groom stand with his hands in his pockets or however he’s comfortable while the groomsmen chose to pose, jump, flip, or otherwise try to harness their inner stunt man.






The Party Shot


The party shot. A lot of guys enjoy a beer or cocktail, especially at a wedding. Get a photo of a toast with just the guys, or a candid shot of the guys laughing and enjoying a drink together.







The Hollywood Stroll


The Hollywood stroll. Have the groom take the lead in a casual stroll with his guys. The groom can wear sunglasses to stand out in the crowd and look more “Hollywood.” This is a natural and fun type of photo to capture.






The Smoking Pose


The smoking lounge. Break out the cigars and pose around a card table while you all enjoy them.






The Bro Hugs


The bro hugs. Even guys have to have some tender moments on the wedding day. Capture the groom giving his groomsmen bro hugs. These will be among the best shots of the day, we guarantee it!






The Selfie Shot


The selfie shot. There’s no avoiding cellphones these days. Why not incorporate them into your wedding photos? Have the guys each take a silly selfie and then pose with everyone holding their phone out towards the camera.




Source: Perfect Wedding Guide

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