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  1. for the ladies who went with Ocean studio - please share your experience as I am in the same boat. Thanks!!
  2. thanks @@reynbow! I didnt realize you posted such a detailed response to EVERYTHING! please ignore my question in a separate thread re: mehndi. Your pictures are stunning @@reynbow. you guys look so happy.
  3. Hey @@mandjphoto Was MVP an outside vendor or in Mexico? can you provide their website or contact information? Thanks
  4. Hi I am reviving this thread for future indian/sikh brides. How was your experience with Veronica? can someone post reviews and comments? what about henna lounge? or other artists that have their links posted here?? We are getting married in May 2016 and would appreciate all the help we can get! Thanks!!! @@ramonamia - what were your thoughts on Veronica La Paz? Thanks so much!
  5. Hi everyone!! I am resurrecting this thread from 2014 to see if any indian/sikh weddings are happening in Cancun/Mayan Riviera. What are you ladies doing for mehndi?? I am getting married at Generations Mayan Riviera and I agree with @@reynbow that Lomas travel has a non-indian henna artist. I am looking for traditional. I trying to find a cost effective option and would love some options and feedback. 1. has anyone used Veronica La Paz? what was she like - she seems to be the vendor for hard rock cancun 2. @@reynbow - what did you do in the end?? Thank you!
  6. Hi!!!!!! Thanks to EVERYONE that has been so kind to post their experiences with GRM. We have just locked in our dates for May 1-4 2016 and are super excited! Anyone else that is lurking around that has an upcoming wedding!? Share your dates!! We are having an indian/sikh wedding. So our actual wedding dates are 2nd and 3rd of May. We have a prewedding sangeet/mehndi on the 1st. We are hosting our reception on the 4th. Given its a south asian wedding, I have some challenges from that point of view. I'm wondering if anyone else on this thread has seen or been or actually done an indian/sikh wedding at GRM!?!? Would love to get your opinion on preparation/organization!!! I get the sense they have done a few, and so it feels like we are quasi-wedding planners with Lomas and our TA. I appreciate everyone's input on the wedding photographer, DJ and videographer!!! Shout out to @@ChiTiff, @@CnBWedding, @@rtscent, @@girlinthecity97, @@Christinagiovanni. Thanks to you ladies we now have a BETTER sense of what to expect! I'm sure I am forgetting a lot of people on this thread, so I apologize in advance. I'm just so excited that I just cant hide it! But I want to know about makeup - did you ladies get it done at the spa? would you recommend it?? what were your thoughts of the place?? Were you satisfied? OH - and can someone comment on the beach situation?? I know @@rtscent did not like the beach and I totally respect her (actually I think I love you for being so amazing on this thread!). But since the stones are supposed to sink, and I have always wanted a hindu wedding on the beach in the evening, I am still kinda set on doing that.... Ok thats a lot of thoughts. Thanks so much ladies for your help. I look forward to your replies!!!!!
  7. Hi everyone. I'm new to the site. I was wondering if anyone has done indian weddings at Generations Mayan Riviera?? Would love to get your feedback. Thanks!
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