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  1. Here is a link to my review of the Barcelo Maya Colonial, and our wedding info. We got married on March 14, 2015. Feel free to ask me any questions!!! http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/reviews/r/4978-barcelo-maya-colonial/#review
  2. MacyLyn, I can answer your question. You do not have to pay the $500 if the photographer is a paid guest of the resort and is part of your wedding. I asked the wedding coordinator in.....probably June of 2014. Maybe check with your planner that the rules haven't changed. DawnB I would also like to know what the trio charged for your hair and makeup, thank you.
  3. Thanks so much for the review. My wedding is March 14 2015 at the Colonial and I am super super nervous. Your review has highlighted some very important point and has some great tips. Thank you thank you thank you! How far in advance did you have your hair and makeup done before the ceremony? Did your bridal party have their hair and makeup done by the trio as well? Thank you in advance for your response.
  4. UPDATE: We have decided to go with Ocean Studio, and have agreed on 5hrs photo, and an edited video dvd of the ceremony. I am taking a RAW cd home of photos (no edits) and am having a friend edit the photos at home so I don't have to wait months for my photos to arrive by mail, I save a ton of money, AND I can have a say in the edits. The resort still has a strict "no outsider" policy, and a $500 fee if you bring an outsider photographer into the resort.
  5. Our wedding is spring break 2015, and the wedding coordinator at the Barcelo informed me that we are not allowed to use an outside photographer. If we do, we will be charged $500. The resort photographer is Ocean Photo studio http://www.oceanphotostudio.com/en/ and their packages are PRICEY! I've attached their package in PDF format. Holy moly.... Has anybody worked with the Ocean Photo Studio? Has anybody got a less expensive package through them? Does anybody have any photographer suggestions that would be more affordable? At this point, we are looking at paying the way for our photographer friend to attend Mexico, then they would take all of our photos as our guest and we wouldn't have to pay the $500 charge. Originally, I'd budgeted like $800 for photos, because I only want digital copies of photos from us getting ready, the ceremony and cocktail hour/reception and then a dvd video of the ceremony. I don't want to deal with the shipping of prints as well as photo books etc. I'd rather take a CD home with the photos, then develop them at home. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! OPS Wedding Photo Packages 2014-2015 (1).pdf
  6. My fiancé and I are picking resorts for our intimate spring break 2015 wedding (20 people). So far price is becoming an issue, and the resorts that we originally wanted are outside of our price range over spring break. We are now considering the Barcelo Maya Colonial/tropical (price pending), or the Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya. However, I can't find ANY wedding package information for the grand sirenis. I've seen tons of lovely photos, but I can't find any package info or prices, OR coordinator contact info. Can anybody help me out, please?! Thanks in advance Also, I'm open to other resort suggestions
  7. riskyteacher

    I'm new!

    Name: Sharissa Date: Spring 2015 Location: Mexico
  8. Extreme food poisoning, would not return

    Pros: dolphins, kayaking, swimmable beach
    Cons: poor service from management and wedding coordinator, food poisoning
    We just returned from a Christmas trip to the Royal Decameron (RC). As a disclaimer, this is NOT a wedding post, we simply went to the resort for Christmas to scout it out and see if it was a possible wedding venue. We were gravely dissappointed. We are no longer considering this resort as a wedding option. Here is a short story of our trip: My family went to the RC in Puerto Vallarta for a 10 day trip, encompassing Christmas and New Years. My family has been to the resort before, and my paren
  9. This is a review of:

    Barcelo Maya Colonial

    Storybook Wedding

    Pros: beautiful beach, delicious food, gorgeous wedding decor, amazing photos
    Cons: some initial issue with wedding planner, and change of photographer
    We had an amazing wedding at the Barcelo Maya Colonial on March 14, 2015.  Our party of 14 left Vancouver early in the morning on March 10, flew with Air Transat, and arrived in Cancun in the evening.  Our flight with Air Transat was great, and they were very accommodating.  They took special care and attention with the party, gave my (then) fiancé and I champagne on the flight, and put my wedding dress in its own overhead compartment.     The transfer bus was great, check-in at the resort was
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