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  1. We are just wondering if anyone is having their dinner reception on the Sky Terrace and are permitted to have a Plated Dinner. Thanks.
  2. We are just wondering if anyone is hosting their dinner reception on the Sky Terrace and are permitted to have a platted dinner. Thanks.
  3. Thanks @@Laur114. I'm going to contact our coordinator and look into it.
  4. Congrats @@Laur114 . Wish we of known about the bridal promotion. We would of loved to do a site inspection so we could have a better idea of their menu. We also haven't reserved a block of rooms yet as we are hoping for the price to drop. I know sunwing is offering a promotion till Feb 29 so my finance and I have been debating whether to reserve the block of rooms or hold out and hopefully it goes down. We haven't decided on what we are doing with Photos yet, whether to go with the resort photographer or friends. Thanks for the info. Thanks @@acw271011. I have looked at trend and
  5. We finally made a decision and you can follow us on our new feed at: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/topic/79961-royalton-riviera-wedding-feb-2017booked/
  6. Hi Everyone, It wasn't easy and it took lots of time to finally decide on a resort. I would of never thought it would take this long to narrow down a resort, but there is so much to consider. We had narrowed down the resorts to: Hard Rock Riviera, Moon Palace, Now Sapphire and Royalton Riviera. Okay, it wasn't the fault of my finance to take long on making a decision - It was me lol. She stated it was up to me, so I made sure I did my due diligence. I've read a number materials to make a decision such as: promotions, catalogs, tripadvisor and company website. So, Today, we have
  7. Hi! Congrats! I noticed that you had originally selected the Carribbean Terrace as a reception location. Could you please provide some details in regards to the terrace as I'm planning a wedding for 2015. 1. is the Carribbean Terrace private or semi-private? 2. What is the capacity? 3. What the moon palace quote you for this location? Thank you!
  8. Hi Everyone! We are looking at getting married in the Mayans and have looked a few resorts that fit our taste. So far the following resorts have rates that are reasonable for our guests: Moon Palace, New Sapphire and Royalton Riviera. Moon Palace is bit pricer but we've included on the list based on past experience with Palace Resorts. We would like to hear to your experiences of any these place. So far we we are leaning towards Royalton, but Moon Palace offers extra benefits that we can't leave off the list. Please share details, photos and fees that are usually not mentioned. You
  9. Hi, I've just noticed this resort as possible location. Can anyone please email me details of their wedding, photos and fees?...I haven't found too much information on this resort. The info on their website doesn't describe all the fees that were mention in this forum. My email is canadorecc@@gmail.com Thanks!
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