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  1. So looks like we have some in common. I am doing everything white & Gold. plus some green (Green Palms). I got the tangerine package as well & I am actually having the reception in the banquet hall. I really wanted to have it somewhere in the AC and also wanted people to be able to dress up with long dresses and heels so I felt the ballroom was the best choice for me. The Ceremony I am having on the chill out roof top. What color are you doing for sashes on the chairs? I want gold. and i am pretty annoyed that I have to pay per sashe because gold is not one of the included colors.
  2. @@mcanales Hey !! I'm getting August 5th !!! What are your colors & what are you bringing?! let me know if there is anyway we can help each other since it looks like well be there at the same time!
  3. @@Reign14 Thanks so much for your review!!!! So happy to hear that everything went great and you enjoyed your wedding & stay at the resort! I feel like i have so many questions but the only ones I can think of right now are these.... 1. Did you do any sort of welcome bags or welcome Party? 2. You got the centerpieces from the resort correct? were you happy with them? were they worth all the extra money? 3. did you do a rehearsal dinner? Also I would love to see some pictures!!. Thank you!! I am about 3 months away & starting to freak out!
  4. Hello Everyone! Hope everyone is having "FUN" Wedding planning. I'm currently looking into makeup artiest and hair stylist. I have about 10 girls including myself that need to have hair & make up done. I'm thinking about the resort salon but still waiting on their prices... or I was hoping to maybe find someone locally and having them come (Hopefully with a team since were 10) to my room and having everything done there. I think i would have to pay for a half a day pass per person that I hire but maybe this would be a cheaper option then the resorts salon. I do not want to h
  5. @@KC143 @@Reign14 @JE0721@eri9384 Thank you all for you input regarding the center pieces. I'm thinking about doing the same and just having a few of my girls bring some of the cylinders and just making my own centerpieces. Also since I would like the center pieces to match the girls bouquets, i am probably going to be making those too. I am 5 months away & starting to feel stressed! I feel all over the place and a little disorganized. Anybody have any suggestions as to organizing all of this stuff?! I'm usually really good at organization but its hard planing everything back and
  6. @@eri9384.. Once again thanks for all the good info. @@Reign14 My wedding is set for August 5, 2016. So Excited. What are you guys doing for center pieces? Or what did you do @eri...? I dont like the ones included in my package and the ones they offer seem soooo expensive. Im having almost 100 guest so I'm looking at almost 10 tables. Trying to figure out what I am going to do. Please let me know if you have any good ideas.
  7. @@eri9384.. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR REVIEW!!!! Iv been patiently waiting for some more reviews cuz they are soo help full but its been pretty quite in here. My wedding is going to be in August and I'm looking at around 90 people like you! I'm Definitely interested in the salon you used. Was it $10 per person for the ride over? They did a beautiful job & im so happy that they contour because i'm very into makeup. Also I love the idea you gave me about using the make up that's included in my package for another day! Great idea! I have 7 bridesmaids and would like my mom to get h
  8. Hello everyone! So happy to say that I am officially booked for August 5th 2015 at BBPD! Could not be more excited / anxious. I'm expecting almost 100 people and I am very nervous about it getting very expensive. (any tips for saving a buck would be greatly appreciated) I actually went to this resort about 11 years ago for my 15s! My family & I had so much fun and loved the resort and now its all redone so i'm excited to see what it looks like now. I absolutely love reading everyone progress in planning and reviews. GOOD LUCK & Congrats to everyone planning there wedding!
  9. Hey everyone I am trying to get info on Huracan Cafe. If anyone has any info can you please forward it to me... Annelissep@aol.com @@Dzhang @@JennMarie @@nesabay @@demika @@jacquisuarez @@jacquisuarez @@nesabay
  10. Thank you so much! your review was so helpful and its helping me with my stress! One Question... was Alcohol included with dinner. This is very important for me & guest. Thanks!
  11. Hello everyone! I'm looking like crazy and almost ready to book at NOW for Aug 6th 2016. I'm so stressed out planning and trying to pick the right resort! I'm a little confused about the private reception and the drinks? Is alcohol included with the dinner. If anyone knows that would be great. Also if anyone could email me the spread sheet they received that would be a wonderful help. any extra info is appreciated! Good luck to everyone and there planing!
  12. @YearKer09, Thanks so much for your review . Iv been looking particularly for reviews on LARGE parties. I'm looking to have 75 maybe 100 guest. I am getting really nervous because looking at the wedding packages and all those extra people realllllllly add up. I have not officially booked with NOW Larimar, as I am still trying to get a better estimate on prices. If you wouldnt mind sending me a DM on around how much you ended up paying for your wedding at the resort that would be great! if not I understand. Any other info would be great. I have literately been reading all the reviews
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