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  1. I am asking about the reception - not the trip. Thank you, I should have been more clear. I tried to go back and edit my post but it won't let me now! This ask is just for the private reception. I know how much we will be tipping the rest of the week. Thanks!
  2. Hello 2015 Brides! My wedding is next weekend and I am trying to estimate $$ for tips. We are having our reception poolside. How many bartenders and servers did you have? THANK YOU!
  3. It is cool - that is a big part of why we picked them ... we just want everything to be super simple. Our planning is pretty much done! We have all of our final RSVPs and everyone's final payment is due Jan 15. After that, I just need to move across the country, find a new job, find a house.... lol Our life situation is funny so the wedding is actually last on my list right now. How about yours???
  4. That's exactly who we are using. We really wanted things to be simple... this is going to be our gift to everyone, vs. doing a tote bag or any other kind of favor. I can't wait!
  5. We are hosting a private catamaran cruise (3 hours, open bar and snacks) on Friday. Outside of that and the typical wedding stuff (ceremony, photos, reception), everyone is on their own. We made a list of potential excursions and put them on our website, but we are not offering to make arrangements for anything else. It's too much to manage and we figured people wanted some time to do their own thing.
  6. Awesome - thank you! I have tons of questions, but I won't bombard you Congratulations!
  7. Trying to decide if it is worth the cost ... if you had it, was it worth it? If you didn't, did it feel awkward and quiet? Thanks in advance!
  8. Sorry, I wasn't clear. I didn't mean the date, I meant the bridal suite. I was told that it couldn't be reserved until 90 days before the ceremony date.
  9. thank you! So how far from the garden view pool is that? Did you have music during your cocktail hour? I was hoping to use the same sound system for our reception and our cocktail hour but it sounds like that isn't an option.
  10. For past brides who had their reception at the Garden View Pool, where was your cocktail hour held? Our ceremony is at the Fountain and our Reception is at the pool... I assume that the cocktail hour will be there also? Thanks!
  11. How were you able to reserve it so early? I was told that I couldn't do that until February for my April 9 wedding.
  12. Thank you so much for sharing! Can you share the contact information for Pastor Rick? Also how did you get around the outside vendor fee? thank you!
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