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  1. What menu options did everyone pick for their cocktail hour, reception, etc? Likes/dislikes?
  2. Does anyone have any information about the lighting at any of the Moon Palace terrace's? We're having our reception at one in November at 6pm & I'm trying to figure out if the lamps they have surrounding the terrace's will put off enough light. I know it gets dark early that time of year in Mexico. But the prices I'm being quoted for lighting is outrageous (& outside my budget) so I'm just trying to figure out what to do. Any information would be appreciated!
  3. So it's looking like the Grand section of the resort (rooms, pools, restaurants, etc) is going to be closed for remodel work when I'm there for my wedding. I'm super bummed because this is the section we & our guests were supposed to be staying in. The Grand is the only section we've stayed in & we absolutely loved it so I'm wanting to make sure that whichever section I request now is just as nice. Does anyone have a preference regarding Nizuc or Sunrise? Are the rooms in one section nicer than the rooms in the other? We have no problem walking to the other section for bars, pools, &am
  4. Has anyone heard anything about the Moon Palace Grand section (rooms, pools, restaurants, etc) being closed for remodeling August 2015-end of the year? One of my guests came across this information on the Costco Travel site & I'm having trouble getting confirmation or denial from my contacts at Moon Palace. My wedding is 11/15/15 & our group block is set for the Moon Grand section. I'm sure if our rooms get moved everything will still end up being ok but it's a little stressful not being able to get answers. Especially since we stayed at the Grand section when visiting Moon Palace &
  5. What a great idea! Not sure if I'd want to do this at our resort but I think it would work for our AHR.
  6. Thanks for this review. I've been trying to decide what to do about flowers.
  7. Have any of you heard anything about the whole Moon Grand section (rooms, pools, restaurants, etc.) of the resort being closed from August through the end of 2015? One of my guests brought this to my attention based on information they found listed on Costco's Travel site. My wedding is taking place 11/15/15 at Moon Palace with ourselves & our guests scheduled to stay in the Moon Grand section & I'm having trouble getting an answer from my contacts at the hotel. I'm trying not to freak out but a big reason we decided to have our wedding here was because of how much we love the Gran
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