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  1. Having given everyone the overview of my Backward Bride journey thus far....it's time to get down to the nitty-gritty of planning this wedding!!! I thought that it would be a good idea to outline the five "W's" , the Who, What, Where, When and Why of my destination nuptuals. The Who Well I am the self-titled Backwards Bride. I explained how I named myself that in the first two blogs, but my name is Krista. I am a forty-two year old mom of two teenagers, a 17 year old girl and a 13 year old boy. My prince charming and soon to be fiancé's name is Rob and he is the father of 3 boys, aged
  2. My Unconventional Journey to the Alter Continued.... If you read the first entry of my blog, you will remember that I had outlined how I felt that I had become a Backward Bride. By the end of the entry, you may recall that I had written about having endured some failures and tragedies and found myself in quite a low place. I was single and lonely, raising two children, going to college and dealing with loss and illness in my family. I felt my world collapsing around me and I wondered how I was going to make it through it all. When out of no where a beacon of hope shone in the distance wai
  3. Well, you can tell I'm new to blogging! I created the blog, then typed away my story. I took so long that the page expired and didn't publish or save the entry. So sorry to the two people that viewed to find nothing. Hope this one goes more smoothly! After reading some of the blogs on this forum, I decided that it would be fun to document and share in my wedding adventures thus far. I call myself a Backwards Bride because that's exactly how things have happened for me, almost all the way flipped upside down! Here I am in the early stages of planning a destination wedding and I'm not eve
  4. Congrats and Best of luck planning your wedding! Very romantic proposal!
  5. I absolutely love this dress. I am envious as being plus sized and petit, it is totally the wrong silhouette for me. You go girl! I bet you look stunning in it! Congrats and good luck!!!
  6. Congrats danielleandryan2015!!! I can't wait to read your review!
  7. Thanks Brides for the responses so far. I love exploring new options so your tips are helpful. Misskriss
  8. Just started reading the thread and my questions will probably be answered as I make my was through it (may take a while) but I was wondering about the snacks. We have several kids in our group that like specific kinds of chips, cookies etc. and I'm wondering if we can bring some of these snack foods to Jamaica. Was thinking of including some in the OOT bags. Also wanted to include Heinze ketchup packages in the OOT bags. I'm not a big Ketchup eater, most my other Canuck guests are Ketchup freaks. I know when I visited Cuba what they said was Ketchup was no where close to what were used to
  9. If any of the Brides want to wear a veil but are afraid of it being too windy there are some tutorials on youtube to make veils. They are very easy to make (or have made) unless you want one with a lot of embroidery. This way if you decide not to wear it, you won't feel as though you've wasted too much money.
  10. Hi Brides, I am new to this site and have just started planning my Jamaican wedding. I have contacted a few TA's and was advised to look at brochures (Thanks!) they seemed reluctant to really help maybe because it's in 2017 and they don't have prices yet. Hopefully you Brides can give me some specifics so that I can start narrowing down my options as I am overwhelmed with all of the choices. I am looking at getting married in April or May 2017 and I am from the Toronto area. My fiancé and I are have 5 children between us and in 2017 they will range between 9-19 (I think some res
  11. Hi...your looked lovely on you wedding day! I am in the early stages of planning a wedding in Jamaica and I keep coming back to this resort and Rui Ocho Rios. I was wonder if this one might be a little expensive for my guests. If you know can you give me an idea of what your guests paid and how long they stayed.
  12. I love the one with the ruffles on the bottom. The details are stunning. Honestly you look great in both. Wish I had the figure for this style. Good luck
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