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Selecting The Resort

We haven looking at resorts for weeks! We started working with a travel agent and altough much easier, still quite the task to make a selection. We liked the Riu Palace Mexico, but they are being very inflexible about our arrival date. So, we are now looking at Dreams Tulum. We are concerned about the reviews from Trip Advisor about them pestering for additional purchases and the price for wine which is an additional cost. Has anyone have a recent experience? Do you have a comment from a guest




Our Story -- Cliche Post Title...

I have been in 9 weddings, but never thought I would be doing a blog for my own wedding. I thought I would be the kind who will be always single, independent, carreer oriented, world traveler type of woman; and I was happy with that, or so I thought... Chris and I work at the same company and had been working on the same project for about 1.5 yrs; we knew of each others existance, but nothing more than that. Until, a friend we have in common, also a co-worker of ours decided to play cupid and



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