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Selecting The Resort



We haven looking at resorts for weeks! We started working with a travel agent and altough much easier, still quite the task to make a selection.

We liked the Riu Palace Mexico, but they are being very inflexible about our arrival date. So, we are now looking at Dreams Tulum. We are concerned about the reviews from Trip Advisor about them pestering for additional purchases and the price for wine which is an additional cost.

Has anyone have a recent experience? Do you have a comment from a guest or the wedding couple point of view?

Anything will help!




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I am going through the experience of trying to pick a resort now and it definitely a hard task! It seems like I'm looking in the same area as you. Have you chosen a resort yet?

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@LindseyRose @AnaNino 

Hi Ladies,


I'm also in the same boat-- the two resorts I have at the top of my list are Azul Beach Hotel and Now Sapphire.

Any luck in deciding yet?

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