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  1. @sassldiva wow sorry it's been so long since i've logged on. hmm that's weird, it could also be because it's plated food, but we ended up going with buffet for ours at Moon Palace so we didn't incur any of those extra fees just to note as well, our group booked through my wedding planner who deals with a travel supplier to provide us with our rates to complete the group booking with moon palace, we didn't book directly with them but were still eligible for the group benefits.
  2. Hi @@sassldiva! I'm also planning my wedding for January 2017 and we booked at the Moon Palace. Because we met the group minimum, we're actually not paying per head for our wedding or any private events. We booked back in 2015 and I believe their group minimums have now changed since then. When we booked, it was, 75 room nights or more to get free unlimited private functions. As far as wedding costs go...most things like string lights, dj, fancy chairs, tables are at an extra cost. I know that Moon Palace is more expensive than most resorts in Cancun...but for the size of the resort, resort credits, and amount of activities and things to do, we felt like it was worth it for our group. Hope that helps!
  3. @@Natasha28 I purchased the silk flowers from the wholesaler and it came up to about $120, which bought me enough flowers to make about 3 bouquets, and 5 floral table runners. Hope that helps I'll definitely need to make another trip back there though!
  4. @@tuppup yah their prices are outrageous! I have wedding planner that I'm bringing down from Vancouver so I'm leaving her to set-up most of those items for us; I'm not sure about the cost for the charge..but I imagine it to be worth it considering how much they're charging for their decor :S
  5. @@tuppup which resort is your wedding at? I'm at MP and we can get our decor from vendors like LatinAsia or Zuniga. They're pretty pricey though-- so tbh i'm bringing down most of my own decor (floral bouquets, and garlands).
  6. @@Cablelove11 here's a site that shows you how to build both! http://www.afloral.com/Wedding-Design-Ideas Hope that helps!
  7. @@banana2016 there are a whole bunch down in Burnaby on Marine Way; but the one i'm going to is called "Florists Supply", this one isn't open to public, but there are a whole bunch in the area that are! I would definitely check it out when you can.
  8. Hi @@banana2016 I'm also doing the same-- I'm buying the silk/fake flowers from a wholesaler here in Vancouver and assembling the bouquets myself. I've youtubed it as well and it honestly doesn't look TOO difficult. I also want peonies which are super expensive down in Mexico so we've opted for the silk flowers instead Hope that helps!
  9. @ -- Congrats again on the wedding! I read your review and it immediately got me so excited about my wedding. So happy everything went smoothly for you guys. So I think I might have forgotten to mention that being on the Caribbean Terrace, the latest the reception can go until is 10pm...so even with extending the reception, we would just be moving up our cocktail hour, but instead now we're just ending at 9:30 and i feel like on the day of, we may end up just taking the 30 mins up until 10pm to move everyone out of that area... into the club I'll post some photos later on my hair and make-up inspiration
  10. Hi Ladies, Sorry I've been so MIA! I guess we're kind of at the point in our planning where we're really just waiting for vendors and others to get back to us before we get to make final decisions on things. WEDDING DAY DETAILS: We've finalized our wedding date/times and location: January 19, 2017 4pm Ceremony at Caribbean Beach (Moon Grand Beach) 6pm Cocktail hour Caribbean Terrace 7pm Reception dinner Caribbean Terrace (which we've decided we would extend for an additional hour, bringing the reception until 10pm-- this costs an additional $8.50/pp) MP was nice enough to lower the combined set up fee for both the cocktail and reception to $15/pp. Normally they charge $7 for cocktail hour and $13 for dinner ($20/pp for both cocktail and reception). Initially I was also super adamant on having plated food for our reception dinner, but plated dinners cost an additional $37 per person...so for that cost, we opted for buffet instead. I've started to find that even though we're at an all inclusive resort, a lot of these weddings costs add up daily quickly and almost creep up on you unexpectedly! Right now, John and I are looking at about an additional $23.50/per person (which is almost an extra $1000 based on the amount of guests we're expecting) So i'm actually thinking of contacting my WP so we're not adding the additional hour for the reception (this saves us about $400!) HAIR & MAKEUP So I've been debating for about a week now on hair/makeup vendors and I know a lot of people have been recommending the StylingTrio, but after looking at their price list i was SO TORN...especially with the resort credits that MP offers, I can almost get my hair and make up done for free (still having to pay the 16% service fee and that's it!) vs. paying the $500 for my hair and makeup through the StylingTrio; and this is for the wedding day hair and make-up with their senior artist, not the master artist and the trial isn't included. You have of course get the trail with the package as well, but it's almost another $200. So...needless to say, I just couldn't justify. But after doing some more research on the MP salon/spa, the look I'm going for, and reviews I've decided to just bite the bullet and go with StylingTrio. The last and scariest thing is to be walking down the aisle HATING how you look and having all the pictures to haunt you for the rest of your life, lol. I'm also going for the soft low up-do with natural makeup and i find that sometimes with the resorts style, it's harder for them to achieve this look. Aside from that, we're waiting on the decor vendors to come back to us with quotes, which then at that point we can decide to add or trim down from what we've chosen. Keep you ladies posted!
  11. HI @@OttawaBride2017, Congrats on your engagement and welcome to the forum! I'm also a January 2017 bride, and we're booked at Moon Palace in Cancun. MP definitely ticks of all of your 'must-have' boxes, and we're actually hosting our reception at the Caribbean Terrace which is some-what of a rooftop type/deck terrace (it lives above the Caribbean Restaurant and is outdoors). I wouldn't say that MP is really 'contemporary looking', I feel like it lends a little more to the 'Mayan' feel, but it's sister resorts Sun Palace, Beach Palace, and Le Blanc (adults-only) definitely are! Palace resorts as a group offers a lot of great group incentives, like the unlimited private events, based off of room nights and Moon Palace is a huge resort so if you're looking for lots to do to keep your guests entertained, you definitely won't have any problems here! You'll find a lot of helpful forums and blogs here to help with your planning! @, @@Wafflesmom and @@tygrrlily are 3 just to name a few, and are really great reads esp. if you're considering Palace Resorts Let us know if we can help, I'm sure you have lots of questions
  12. Hey Ladies!! Thanks everyone for all the support! You guys have all made me feel so much better-- being the hands on, control freak that I am...i honestly couldn't stop worrying but it's OVER and the turn out was greater than expected, we've got a total of 17 rooms booked and 32 deposits, which is WAY more than we had hoped for. The crazy part is, a good 10-15 guests have actually told us that they're planning on booking later (due to pregnancies, vacation days, etc.) so we're probably looking at about 45 people in total! We met our 10 room minimum, qualified for the unlimited private events (we totalled to 110 room nights, when we only needed 75), and qualify for at least 1 room free (from the 12th room free promotion). So we are doing SUPER! And now it's finally onto the 'fun' part of actual wedding planning! We've been assigned a coordinator (I don't know her name, because my WP deals directly with her), but we're finalizing our wedding, cocktail and reception location. Right now-- we have the Caribbean Beach, or otherwise known as "Moon Grand Beach" (which is the beach closest to the Caribbean Terrace and the further location from the rest of the resort, #11 on the MP map) Now we're just in works of confirming cocktail and reception location. We initially were going to have the reception on the Venado Terrace and cocktail hour at the Venado Garden...but John and I found a video on youtube of someone filming the Terrace ( ) and the surrounding areas and John was really unhappy with it. He felt like it was in the middle of nowhere, there were walk ways surrounding it, and the resort buildings were in close proximity. If any of you ladies are looking for reception venues at MP, I would suggest just typing the location into the youtube search tool and seeing if you can find a video on it to give you a good sense of how the venue fits into the resort and it's surroundings!So we decided to switch our reception over to the Caribbean Terrace which is as private as you'll get at the MP since it's on a Terrace above the restaurant; there is also a $12/pp set-up fee for the reception, but for more privacy and intimacy, I think John and I are OK with that. Our WP did mention that the entire deck may not be all ours, but our reception area would be sectioned off. I also hear that this area is on the quieter side of the resort. My WP did also mention that the wedding co-ordinator is suggesting that we also have our cocktail hour at the CT, but the cocktail hour also costs $6 to set-up on the Terrace, so right now we're talking with the MP coordinator to see if we can maybe waive one of the fees if we have both events on the Terrace Keep you Ladies posted! <3
  13. @@ashhtayy Yah certain things can wait until the final payment, like the 12th room free promotion, but the 10 room minimum needs to be booked by the deadline. But I guess it's just the stress of all of it that I'm getting overwhelmed and just want everything confirmed sooner rather than later. Thanks for the kind words!
  14. Hi Ladies, Just a quick little update before I head to bed tonight... I'm not going to lie...this past weekend has been really stressful, i've cried multiple times over the RSVP deadline which is tomorrow. The fact that everyone wants to wait until the VERY last minute is driving me absolutely insane! We've had a lot of people we thought would book as double books as singles (UGHHH, WHY?! It's $1000 more!). This isn't helping because we're trying to guarantee our group booking minimum which is 10 double occupancy rooms. To add to that, it also doesn't count towards our 12th room free promotion (requires 7 night stay, double occupancy). Our family has also made up excuses as to why they can't come anymore and this whole RSVP thing is just COMPLICATED! I'm trying to group up single occupants into double rooms so they don't have to pay the higher rate, we get to meet our group minimum, and add to our 12th room free count. People, let me help you!! I just can't wait for tomorrow to be over and hear that everything is OK...One annoying thing about this suppliers group booking is that for any changes to the reservations/rooms they charge $75...but beach so many of our guests are expecting their plus ones to book at a later time, it makes it difficult to group people so they can pay the lower cost now without incurring the $75 fee. Oh...the stresses...
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