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  1. Hey ladies, Congrats on your upcoming weddings!! Exciting! I'm also hoping to get married at ROR in Dec 2015. ROR seems to be extremely slo with their email responses. Do any of you have pricing info from them (e.g. DJ, cost per person for open bar, extra flowers, locations for ceremony, etc)? If yes, do you mind sending them to me please? I'm also wondering why there aren't that many recent reviews on ROR weddings. Hmm... Any help will be appreciated! Thanks
  2. Hi everyone! Has anyone worked with a wedding planner known as Wedding Belles Jamaica? There is barely any independent reviews on this company, however they claim to be executive producers of te Jamaican bridal expo, which is apparently a big deal in Jamaica? I've been corresponding with the owner of Wedding Belles Jamaica named Jo-Anne. I wanted read more reviews before deciding whether or not I should use this wedding planner. If anyone has an input/reviews on this wedding planning company, please share. Thank you in advance for your help!
  3. Hi there, I was recently told about Laughing Waters and the pictures look amazing!! That's awesome that you're hosting your wedding there. There is rarely any info online about renting out the venue. Did you hire a wedding planner to help you coordinate your reception at Laughing Waters? I'd like to know how I can also arrange my wedding at Laughing Waters. Any info will help. Thanks so much! -A
  4. @@helenk Thanks so much for the price list! That's really helpful
  5. Hi everyone! I'm new to this thread and these posts have been so informative!! Thanks ladies!! @@helenk Would you mind sharing Misha Earle's pricing please. She seems to be highly recommended and I love her work! I checked out her website. Thanks A
  6. @@pamelas21 Please ignore my previous msg to you. I continued reading through this forum and realized that you already posted the cost your guests paid for their all-inclusive package. And I also saw the different links other ladies posted for pics. Thanks
  7. Hi @@pamelas21 ! You seem to the go-to person on this forum Can you please give me an idea of how much your guests paid for their all-inclusive package from Toronto to Montego Bay. I don't want my guests to break their banks in order to attend our wedding. Also, do you have any more pics of the wedding set up at the resort that you feel comfortable sharing? If not, that is completely ok! Thank you in advance!! Alicia
  8. Hi everyone, Congrats to all the brides-to-be and the recently married ladies as well! I just started wedding planning for a potential date in Jan 2016. And wow, didn't realize how stressful choosing a resort and destination would be! Can anyone tell me an approximate price of how much you are spending on the wedding at RWS? For those who are flying to Jamaica from Toronto, ON, I'd like an idea of how much your guests' all-inclusive package costs. Please and thank you!! Any help is appreciated
  9. Hi everyone! I just started wedding planning and this site has been so incredibly helpful! @@Mels84 and @@Meandhim It's so comforting to see that you both were able to plan your wedding on a good budget! Can I ask how much your guests had to pay for their all-inclusive packages. I'm in Toronto, Canada, so most of my guests will be flying out from here. I really don't want my guests to break their banks attending our wedding. I'm hoping that their all-inclusive package will be around $1500 pp. Is that possible at GPPC? Thanks in advance for your replies
  10. Thanks so much for your handy tips, ladies! I will reach out to a travel agent (which I haven't done yet). This site has been so so so helpful!!! Thank you!!!!
  11. Thank you @kosrae89 and @@JYINGLI1 for your quick replies. My guests and I will be flying from Toronto, Canada, so I hope I can get prices similar to yours from here. I'm so amazed at how helpful everyone is with answering questions. Thanks again!!
  12. Hello ladies, I just got engaged on New Years day and I'm starting to plan our wedding. Now Larimar seems to be a great wedding spot! Thanks ladies for taking the time to provide so much information (especially @kosrae89 )! I was wondering if anyone can tell me whether it is do-able for my guests to pay max $1500 per person for an all inclusive at Now Larimar in late Nov. Prices right now seem to be hovering around $1600-$1700. My friends are all either having babies and/or buying a new house, so I don't want it to be too expensive for my guests to attend our wedding. Thanks in advance for your time and replies
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