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  1. I asked my wedding coordinator If there was a new beach ceremony site being set up and she told me ..."Let me guess? You got this from a forum? Don't believe everything you read on there..." ????
  2. Hey ladies, Happy holidays to all of you! I am about to sign my contract for a May 2016 wedding at Azul Fives so I'm super excited about that, its like a christmas gift to me! lol I have a couple questions though...Have any of you past brides had a problem with the hotel overbooking for the time of your wedding and having your guests being sent to another hotel? I read this from a review on TripAdvisor and now I'm wondering how often this happens?!?! Also... How much are your guests being quoted for their stay? I am checking the actual Karisma website and prices are a bit high and I am starting to wonder if my guests will be able to afford this hotel because i pretty much have my heart set on it! I am working with a TA but i havant really discussed this much with her but i will now!
  3. I can't even imagine all the damage control you have had to do and the headaches this has caused you and your guests. I understand what you were trying to do by staying with the Hilton as your venue but unfortunately, they don't deserve this consideration from you I am surprised it is taking them this long to rebuild as I have noticed most resorts in Cabo are back up and running again, thankfully. They have surprised me in how quickly they were able to rebuild after such a devastating hurricane. Once again, good luck to you and let me know if you will take me up on my offer. I travel January 23-27
  4. Wow! what a nightmare...First of all, I'm very sorry all this has happened to you. Have your guests already booked with the Hilton? I am hoping they have refunded your guests fully (for the hotel part) because for them to confirm a second date and then cancel is just so unprofessional in my opinion! I was supposed to travel (just for fun, not to look at wedding venues) to Cabo in November 2014 but was also cancelled because of the Hurricane.I am rescheduled to travel at the end of January 2015 to Secrets Puerto Los Cabos. Have you considered this resort? I got a great deal for about 880$ (airfare+hotel) per person for 5 days 4 nights and I believe they usually have similar booking deals available even more so if it is for a wedding party, i suppose. If this is a place you decide to research and possibly consider, I would be willing to take pictures of the resort when i go in January and email them to you so you can get a feel for the place and my opinion as a future bride to be like you. I just feel so bad for what you are going through! Best of luck!!
  5. @@JuliaS I want to wait until i attend the BDR before i book because of the perk you get (discount) but I'm dying to just book already!! Im excited to go! I also want to see just how "public" the ceremony space on the beach is...I always envisioned a ceremony on the beach but it seems like all the sunbathers are just a few feet away from you and your guests. I don't know how much that will bother me but my fiancé is not feeling it lol
  6. @@kmk2016 Thanks for the info... I am planning on attending the March BDR, wondering if anybody else is? @@mazarin Good luck! They don't even answer the phone over there! So frustrating.
  7. Wow I was hoping the fee was only for the reception since the ceremony is so short
  8. Question: Do they charge extra if you want your ceremony on the sky deck? Or they only charge extra for the reception on the sky deck?
  9. Hi everyone, I am currently trying to decide between Beach Palace resort and another (not a Palace resort-- Azul Fives) to book my wedding. I requested more information through the Palace website and got an email back from one of the coordinators. Problem is, they keep sending me the same PDF file that i can already see on their webpage and i need something with more detail! At this point, i love both resorts but I'm feeling its going to come down to... which one will save me money? Can one of you ladies please send me their catalog? or whatever you are working off of to know the pricing for everything. I want to compare side by side and see which one will fit my needs best. Please help! -Liz email: lissies88@yahoo.com
  10. Thank you ladies for your advice! I will definitely do that. How do I go about finding a GI certified TA? I'm going to join the FB group right now
  11. Hi brides to be! I recently got engaged but i pretty much have everything planned out in my head! lol I have been eyeing Azul fives for some time now. I contacted Karisma about attending the Brides Dress Rehearsal but the next available date is in March of 2015. I am aiming for an early 2016 wedding as i would like at least a year to plan everything (and so its easier on our pockets) but I am wondering if booking before attending the BDR is a good idea? I feel like i need to attend the BDR because I need to see in person what this place looks like and just get a feel for the place. Also i am completely in love with one of the memorable moments packages and for any brides that have used these... i want to know if the have any regrets in doing so? Or if they feel its not worth the money? I am so excited to begin wedding planning but i also feel so lost and overwhelmed at the same time!
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