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  1. Hi KittyC81, Sorry for the delay in responding - I haven't logged back in much since my own wedding and I guess I don't have any notifications when someone replies to my posting. Anyway, I did have to pay the additional vendor fee for each of those vendors. The main reason that I went with outside vendors was because I had already selected them and done extensive research on all of them for when I had originally planned my wedding at the Hilton. When the Hilton let us know they wouldn't be finished it time, we set out to find another resort that would allow our vendors (even if we di
  2. Early photos from our wedding taken by friends
  3. Hello my fellow brides! Planning my Cabo wedding has been a lot more than I ever expected or thought I'd signed up for. Though I’d been a long time lurker on this forum, I only originally posted back in December 2014 to share my heartbreak of having my wedding cancelled as a result of Hurricane Odile and then re-cancelled due to the venue not being ready when they promised to be. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/topic/78505-cabo-wedding-cancelled-twice-advice-needed/ As everyone on this forum knows, having a destination wedding can be scary with so many things out of your contro
  4. Any former Hacienda Encantada Brides on here? Of even anyone who has done a site visit (and if you didn't decide to have your wedding here, why? Now that our wedding has been displaced twice from the Hilton, they are bringing us some options, and the Hacienda was one of them. Reading through the TripAdvisor reviews I had some concerns, and so I wanted to hear anyone elses experience with their wedding or their decision to book or not book this place. Unfortunately I won't have the luxury of going on a site visit like I did before prior to our wedding, so any place I actually haven't sta
  5. @@Lissie88 Thank you so much! I will definitely look into that resort and if they're available and in our consideration set, I'll reach out to you. I'd love to see photos to get an idea of what it would be like, if that's the route we end up going. Thank you so much for offering! To answer your question, many of our guests have booked their rooms already and they will be fully refunded. We specifically requested that the Hilton wait to inform our guests of the change in venue until we have a new one secured, because last time when it was cancelled, they notified our guests that their r
  6. My fiance and I were originally scheduled to have our wedding of ~100 guests at the Hilton Los Cabos on October 25, 2014. Unfortunately Hurricane Odile hit 5 weeks before our wedding date, and we were forced to cancel it. As added insult to injury, we found out our wedding was officially cancelled from our guests who had received cancellation emails from the Hilton, before we were even notified. After much deliberation, we decided to keep everything the same and just push out the date. We did this both to ease the burden on us as well as the people of Cabo who were displaced and their
  7. @@DVon18 I appreciate the support, and of course know you weren't trying to upset me. If anything I've been trying to find out more about what is really going on and get a more realistic picture for myself. I've been following enough twitter and instagram photos to have a good sense of how bad things were anyway. Definitely a disappointing and stressful time, especially when the resort hasn't reached out at all and we've been calling their corporate line daily asking for updates, and have gotten virtually nothing. (In fact, I only learned from a guest who only just got out of the hotel and
  8. @@jjordang So sorry for the late response. Prices per person vary on the food and drink options you select for your guests. I believe open bar for 4 hours was ~$90 and then they have different buffets (starting at ~$95/person) or plated options, which would depend on the guests selection, and of course any canapes, cocktail hour stations, etc. are priced per station as well.
  9. DVon18, what date was your wedding scheduled for? Mine is October 25 at the Hilton and we haven't heard anything back from them yet, so we don't know what to do right now +1 to that. I have my wedding scheduled Oct 25th at the Hilton with 90 guests attending and I don't know what to tell anyone I've also been checking http://www.itravel-cabo.com/ for general updates in the area. My heart goes out to every one of you. This is such a sad, devastating time for Cabo, one of my favorite places in the world, and I hope they are able to rebuild and restore it fast. I also very much hope th
  10. Thanks for all the welcome and well wishes all! And to my other October Mexico brides, congratulations as well!!!
  11. The wedding is happening this month? Did it already happen? What did you decide and how was it?
  12. Any other Hilton brides out there? When I search this site for people who are doing their weddings or have done their weddings at the Hilton, there doesn't seem to be a ton of postings and most of the are several years ago, with different WCs than current work there. Our wedding is planned for the Hilton Los Cabos on October 25th, 2014, and I'm very eager to talk to anyone about their experiences, costs, negotiating, vendors, suggestions, etc. etc. While the WC's have been very polite, there are often large lags between email responses, or I'll have to send reminders to them to ple
  13. I'm also potentially planning for a bonfire after the dancing reception. The venue won't allow music after 10:30 and I didn't want the party to end so soon, so we are going to do a beach bonfire, chinese lanterns and mini burritos, along with still serving drinks
  14. Date: October 25, 2014 # of guests: 100 Ceremony: Hilton Los Cabos Reception: Hilton Los Cabos Wedding Planner: Cristina Vaca and Juan Carlos Romero from the Hilton DJ: DJ Ricardo Photographer: Enrique Morales Videographer: Enrique Morales Hair/Makeup: Suzanne Morales
  15. Any updates on how peoples experiences with Suzanne Morel went? I'm currently planning on using her, though her services seemed quite pricey, and I wanted to see if peoples experiences were that it is worth it. Thanks!
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