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  1. My fiancé and I just got back from a vacation in Punta Cana. We had planned the trip before we had decided to have our wedding at Dreams La Romana, and stayed at Now Larimar. We were able to get a taxi to go to DLR. The resort was absolutely beautiful. We met with the wedding assistant Pirosca who gave us a tour. If looking from the beach the left side of the resort is the preferred club (for families, couples, etc), however on the right side of the resort they are building another section that will be preferred club "adults only." It is supposed to have another pool and be done in December sometime. Both the beach gazebo and garden gazebo were beautiful and very private and located near the preferred section. Pirosca stated that the bride and groom often like to have rooms in the preferred area as it is easier to walk from the room to the wedding location then after getting ready. There are also rooms that aren't preferred near the wedding sites as well. I saw a preferred room and a regular room and they looked very similar. I also met with Jenny & Yanna the wedding coordinators. They were both very nice! Getting excited for next October!
  2. Well I just went on vacation to punta cana and was able to visit the resort we are getting married at (which was very exciting!). We were able to take a tour and were shown the area of the beach the reception would be. The area actually has more packed down/hard sand so there would be no problem dancing. The wedding coordinator said those who want a more laid back/barefoot wedding often opt for no dance floor there and there are no problems with dancing! Getting excited!
  3. Thanks for everyone's feedback! It just seems like things can start adding up so fast and the dance floors are very small (10x10). As you stated above you don't want to limit the number of people dancing either. We aren't sure about dj vs ipod yet but thinking dj. I'd rather spend the money on photos or a longer stay at the resort than a dance floor. When I think about it, most of our guests have never been to a destination wedding and won't really have any preconceived ideas of what it will be like. My mom was surprised to even hear that we could have private reception. So even having music/private reception may be surprising to some guests! No matter what, getting married and having our reception on the beach will be amazing!
  4. So I'm just looking for everyone's opinion. The resort we are getting married at includes a private reception with a variety of places to choose . The beach and gardens are included however any sort of poolside/terrace /restaurant reception is at an additional cost. We'd really like to keep our costs down and not spend too much , especially since it'll only be around 20-25 guests. We decided we like the idea of a beach reception but when it comes to dancing, we are wondering if it is necessary for a dance floor? We can rent one (at another additional cost). I wonder how many people will actually dance too if we are such a small group. I'd like to do 1st dance, etc. The resort also has a disco/club we can go to after as well. What are everyone's thoughts and what are you doing?
  5. I'm actually going to Punta Cana next week for a previously planned trip. I'm flying southwest out of chicago and the ticket round trip was $400ish nonstop. They have three price categories and the sooner you book the cheaper the price is. Whenever I go on vacation I look for my own flights...in my case at least the travel agents always show me these really pricey flights when I can find my own for much less.
  6. I originally wanted to get married on the beach but that gazebo doesn't seem to really be facing out towards the ocean...so we booked the garden gazebo which is gorgeous. I told them I wanted the sea side deck for reception but just found out from travel agent it's at a cost. So now I'm thinking the beach. Where is everyone else having their ceremony and reception ? Why did you choose those sites?
  7. Hi, I'm new to this site. How is everyone else's wedding planning going?Any tips? I just sent in my deposit for October 23, 2015!!
  8. Meals vary from $40pp-$80pp Appetizers $1.5-$6 a unit DJ $700 (includes MC, lights, sound, they stay until your party is done) Rental of Jellyfish (depending on space rented and time of year) $700-2000 Set up of ceremony, reception $1500 Those are some of the basic prices. If you email them they respond very quickly with all the information you will need! Good luck!
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