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  1. Hi everyone! My fiance and I are thinking of having our honeymoon in Bali too! (sometime next year) We are considering renting Villa Bulung Daya for our honeymoon. (http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/topic/61983-bali-bride/) It is located in Tabanan. as anyone stayed at this villa, or have travelled around Tabanan?
  2. Hi Jane! How was your wedding in Bali? My fiance and I were thinking of having our honeymoon in Bali next year. We were set on renting Villa Bulung Daya for our honeymoon there - apparently one of the top 3 honeymoon villas in Bali! (http://www.wedding-bali.com/2014/06/top-3-villas-perfect-for-a-honeymoon) However, as we did more research on Bali, we are thinking of actually having our destination wedding there. Do you have any tips to share? ; )
  3. Bali gets my vote! In fact, i am in the midst of planning for a honeymoon trip to Bali next year ; D http://www.wedding-bali.com/2014/06/top-3-villas-perfect-for-a-honeymoon My fiance and I are thinking of Villa Bulung Daya (mentioned in this article). The views from the villa are simply amazing!
  4. Yes, Bali is Lovely. Recently we've been thinking of having a destination wedding there too ; p At the moment, we're still do a search up on costs. Does anyone have any advice/ recommendations on wedding venues or wedding providers in Bali?
  5. I vote for Bali! In fact, my fiance and I are planning our honeymoon to Bali (sometime next year). http://www.wedding-bali.com/2014/06/top-3-villas-perfect-for-a-honeymoon We came across this article, and are thinking of renting one of these honeymoon villas (Villa Bulung Daya is our favourite so far). Bali has so many beautiful beaches and it is so relaxing to be there - I can't wait to head there again!
  6. Hi everyone! My fiancee and I are thinking of having our honeymoon in Bali next year. I've always wanted to stay in one of the villas located along the beach, or in the middle of the rice fields (either in Canggu, or in the Peninsula / South of Bali) I came across this article about the top three honeymoon villas in Bali (http://www.wedding-bali.com/2014/06/top-3-villas-perfect-for-a-honeymoon ) Out of the three villas mentioned, Villa bulung daya is my favourite. (The view of the rice fields is amazing). Has anyone stayed in these villas before? The pictures look amazing, and the information of the villas sound great but I would love to hear about your comments or experiences at these villas! (or if you have other honeymoon villas to recommend, drop me a message!)
  7. Hey! I am planning to have my wedding in Bali next year, but have yet to decide on a venue. I came across these villas on a website called Wedding-bali.com - http://www.wedding-bali.com/venue/villa-stella http://www.wedding-bali.com/venue/villa-sungai-tinggi The photos of the villas are awesome! There's quite a lot on information on the website as well. Has anyone visited or gotten married at either of these villas before? I'd love to hear from you if you did!
  8. http://www.wedding-bali.com/2014/04/transporting-your-wedding-attire-3-ways-your-dress-can-travel I thought I'd share this article, as finding ways to transport my wedding dress was one of the biggest challenges that I faced, when I celebrated my destination wedding abroad. We took a long flight into the Denpasar airport in Bali, and had to travel about 2 hours in a car ride, before we arrived at our villa in Ubud. I was so worried that my gown would crumple badly or be damaged during my travel!
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