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    Port Wedding In Jamaica

    If you guys were just to get married there, the beaches are mostly public so you would just need the officiant to perform the ceremony. Maybe then have the cocktail hour and reception back on the ship?
  2. rachelchic81

    Best Wedding Locations

    We got married in Jamaica and have vacationed there since. There are so many great locations to fit just about whatever you are looking for. Montego bay is more of the city but plenty of resorts there that offer wedding packages on the resort. Negril area has a lot of smaller hotels with the beautiful beach but may lack privacy if you are doing a beach ceremony. The cliffs will offer more privacy but not beach. Still amazingly beautiful though!
  3. rachelchic81

    Need help with hair/make-up

    My friend used - Krystie Ann Hair and Makeup Artist. She did a really good job.
  4. rachelchic81

    Great Place For Information!

    We got married at Secrets Wild Orchid in Montego Bay. I have been to Iberostar, but not Royalton White Sands. Iberostar is a very large property, I think it may be bigger than Secrets. I really liked Secrets. The grounds or so well kept, food was good and everything was really nice overall. Our wedding coordinator was very nice and they really handled the ceremony well. I would recommend it. Thank you!
  5. We paid the vendor fee for our photographers (who also did video) so I saved money by doing that The resort is great, you are going to love it! The preffered side has some awesome perks, like on the main floor there is always a little food bar and all kinds of drinks you can just help yourself to at anytime! http://cardensweddingphotography.com/blog/2014/01/jamaica-wedding-photographer-tricia-pat-secrets-wild-orchid-montego-bay/
  6. Rose Hall is a really nice area which is close to the ariport. You may want to look around there to start. Also a travel agent is important, they can help with your family and friends booking and getting the best rate or even suggest some good hotels. There are also destination wedding planners which could be a huge help. Just depends on if you have the budget for it.
  7. Photos - http://cardensweddingphotography.com/blog/2014/01/jamaica-wedding-photographer-tricia-pat-secrets-wild-orchid-montego-bay/ Here is the main video - http://cardensfilms.wordpress.com/2014/03/11/montego-bay-wedding-videographer-tricia-and-patrick/ And our coming soon - http://cardensfilms.wordpress.com/2014/02/14/jamaica-wedding-videographer-tricia-and-patrick-wild-orchid-montego-bay/
  8. LOVE Seawind! Great location and the staff are awesome. Have a great time!
  9. rachelchic81

    Great Place For Information!

    Sure thing! Just pm me with any questions and I will try and help out where I can
  10. rachelchic81

    Great Place For Information!

    Hi, I am already married but found this site now after leaving a review for one of my vendors. Since I have had the experience of a destination wedding I am going to try and contribute here as much as I can to help brides who are planning their weddings! We were married in Jamaica and I have been to Jamaica a few other times so hopefully I can help and get to know some of you ladies!
  11. Wow this sounds like a great idea and a great way to experience the island for guests. I wish I had thought of this!
  12. Hi, I wish I had know about this site before my wedding! It is so helpful! I was married in Jamaica last year and we used Carden's Photography & Film. I actually came to the site today to leave a review for them because they asked and this is how I found this site. They are a husband and wife from the states, but are taking on a lot of weddings in jamaica and talked of moving there eventually. They did our photo and video and I loved working with them. They are the nicest people and have beautiful work and pricing is very reasonable for the quality.
  13. rachelchic81

    Jamaica vs. Mexico

    I picked Jamaica because it was pretty straight forward for the marriage documents. Also the people and the vibe of the country is what we really love.
  14. This is a review of:

    Carden's Photography & Film

    Went above and beyond our expectations

    Pros: Easy to work with, talented, quick turn around time,
    Cons: none
    Looking for a photographer for our destination wedding in Jamaica was proving difficult.  Other photographers were too much $, had boring pictures (to me) or looked like all the others.  Until I found Carden's.  When I saw their work online, it was different than the other photographers I had seen who serviced Jamaica.  They were unique and that is what we were looking for.  From first contact email responses were always within the same day, sometimes within minutes.  They helped us with questions about the planning process and how to work our timeline.  I later discovered they do video as well and make beautiful films!  I found a way to squeeze that in to our budget too.  Because the 2 of them do the photo and video we were able to save some money, and have consistent styles from our photo and video.  I could not wait to work with them on our wedding day and more importantly I was even more excited to see how the pictures and video were going to turn out!     Within days our huge blog was up.  I could honestly not believe how they captured the colors and the shadows and just made every moment look beautiful!  Within 1 WEEK we had our entire gallery available online for download and our flash drive arrived shortly after.     I would highly recommend the Carden's.  They are professional in the business area, but also totally down to earth.  Their talent is undeniable.  Even though our wedding is over, I still check their blog to view more of their work.   :)