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  1. Not to worry Juliettesaa I just sent it to you and now you have my personal email so you can message me directly and always get a prompt response Happy Planning! AR-DreamWedding Hey Melodyw, I sent you the outline. Hopefully this helps you get your planning organized more easily. Happy Planning Hey Kellisbaby, I sent you the outline... hope your planning is going well Sincerely, Ar-DreamWedding Hey PuntaCanaBride 14, I have just sent you the outline... let me know if you need anything else Happy Planning, Ar-DreamWedding
  2. Like Wayne, I had a similar experience with La Barcaza and now that my wedding is over I am free to write reviews as I see fit without being bullied by them. When the change over of ownership was made I decided to write and welcome the new owners and find out if they would be upholding everything that was already agreed upon with the previous owners. Please not I had already sent over my $1000 deposit via Western Union and my invites with all the information for my wedding were already sent out. I was having a hard time hearing back from Daniel so I decided to just call him and when I did, I w
  3. Hey Kelz, I have sent you the wedding outline so hopefully it will help you to organize your plans. In addition, YES Mayte does do every single detail to the last drop (this includes hand making things) when it comes to the décor. I can personally attest to this as I have been to her home and know just how much she puts into each detail of every brides dream wedding. Happy Planning! AR-DreamWedding Hey Scott (PuntaCana2014a), I was unable to send you the outline as your email address was not written clearly.... wondering if you can re-send it to me. Warmest Wishes! AR-Dr
  4. Hey Heather82, Mayte does not make the Thank you notes that you see in pictures however, I will tell you that I was going to go through the trouble of making them and then realized that it would be a big waste of time because guests will not really appreciate them seeing as we were giving them wedding gifts at the rehearsal dinner. I did buy fans and what not to put on everyone's chair and when the night was said and done most people were so preoccupied with dancing/drinking that most people left the fans and/or anything else that was decorative and not their personal items. So with al
  5. So disregard what I wrote you prior... you need to send a deposit ASAP if you have not already. You could lose your date if you don't have a deposit made, as the calendar is now being managed by the owner of the Jellyfish and only dates that have a deposit paid are secure. Just sent it to you... sorry for the delay. Have you received a price list yet? Let me know and I will send it to you. There is only a 2013 pricelist that I am fairly sure will not change significantly in 2014. Please note that if you had sent me a message in my "Inbox" and I have not managed to reply, it's because
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by erikaomeara Hi AR-Dream Wedding, May I have the wedding outline as well please? My email is edsmith@cogeco.ca Thanks! Just sent it you
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by MelandEd Wed Hi All!!! I just had my wedding at the Hard Rock Punta Cana which by the way was amazing...but most importantly I wanted to share the information for our photographer which was Renauld of Photosouvenir Punta Cana! He was awesome, professional and extremely talented! I have attached a few photos for reference. Happy planning!!!! He is truly amazing!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by My Belle 714 AR-DreamWedding, can you send the timeline to me as well? Thank you so much! Wisebeyonmyrs@aol.com All sent. Happy Planning
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by dayita13 Hi AR-DreamWedding, can you send the timeline to me as well? Thanks so much! dayaramos@gmail.com No problem. It's actually a wedding outline that I created, not a timeline. But if you need help with a timeline just let me know
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Renee Gagne Hello, Would you mind sending me the planner as well? rgagne2003@gmail.com. My wedding is Nov 8, 2014 - just under the year mark! So Exciting!!!!! All done
  11. Hey Ladies, Just wanted to put myself out there in case some of you have a ton of questions or just need some guidance. I am a personal friend of Mayte's and know just about everything there is to know regarding the JF. Whatever I do not know I will always direct you to Mayte or find out the answer to your question(s) when time permits. Mayte answers emails based on priority of your wedding dates and she truly does get over 100 emails a day! The busy season has already started and there are some weeks ahead where she has a wedding everyday... that means that she will have to balance ar
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Dania97 I do have another question for the group. Has anyone else had any issues communicating with Mayte? It seems when you ask her two or three questions she may answer one of your questions in one sentence and leaves the rest unanswered...lol. I understand she's amazing and will make things work somehow but I would like to know that what I want as far as decor is possible or any other questions I may have. I would rather write one email with all my concerns in hopes to get a long reply back that way I won't have to bother her as often. I heard a while back
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Mady28 Hey, I can only answer a couple of your questions. Here is the DJ's email: johnpcdj@gmail.com He has contacted me and has said that if I have any questions to let him know. With the Crazy Hour you get all the entertainers you mentioned plus the Fire Show is included. I have heard of brides mentioning that there were buses ready and the older crowd leaving earlier. John (Jehison) is actually the MC and his English is very good. The DJ's name is DJ “McGiver†Jorge and he has just about every single song you can possibly think of... re
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by jsargo Could you please send that to me too. jsargo10@hotmail.com All sent! Happy Planning
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